Overflow Type Ball Mill

Cylinder Energy-Saving Overflow Type Ball Mill

2016-12-28 XinHai Views (1375)

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Entrusted  by one of graphite ore plant client in Kra, Vietnam, Xinhai undertook the  project of graphite ore processing. According to the result of mineral  processing experiments, Xinhai professional team, after much discussion and  selection, decided to apply Cylinder  Energy-Saving Overflow Type Ball Mill (MQYG 153), which achieved the target  of cost control and improved the grinding efficiency.With  a trumpet-shaped outlet and annular retaining ring, this ball mill is high efficiency  in discharging. In manufacturing the straight cylinder energy saving overflow  type ball mill, Xinhai makes a trumpet-shaped of hollow shaft neck end in ore  discharge end. At the same time, in the hollow shaft of the root is mounted a  ring-shaped retainer, which prevents pulp spilling out though bolt hole flow  into inner bearing. The discharge pipe is casted with the spiral line, the  spiral direction is opposite to the grinding machine. So as to prevent the  steel balls and ore discharge out of the machine along with the pulp.With  large double-row spherical roller bearings and a wave-shaped lining plate. This  ball mill applies large double-row spherical roller bearings instead of a  sliding bearing. The friction force is greatly reduced. And start easily,  energy saving by 20 -30%. The cylinder body adopts a wave-shaped lining plate, which  increases contact surface of the steel ball and the graphite and also reduces  the energy consumption;The  grinding time is long, and high precision of the finished product. Due to relative  long grinding time of energy-saving overflow type ball mill, graphite ore can  fully be grinded in the machine. In that way, the residence time is long and the  grinding product is thin. The particle size can meet the requirements of the  client. Thus as the mining stage grinding, it is applicable to concentrate  regrinding operation. Thereby we can obtains a finer particle size acceptable  product.The  dressing test mainly recycled graphite. The test sample was taken by the  trusted party, and served to or company. Our team tested the sample. the raw  ore, through a nine-stage grinding, one time of roughing, primary scavenging,  nine times of concentration, was possible to obtain a yield of 14.20%, and the  fixed carbon content was 92.30%, which got the recovery rate of 87.91% about graphite  concentrate.finally,  according to the nature of the ore and ore feasibility study report, Xinhai  determined the item by a two-stage closed-circuit crushing process, a section  of the closed circuit grinding grading process and a coarse-scanning, the ten  times of fine flotation process flow, and finally reacheds the standard for  production target, our client was very satisfied.

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