cone overflow ball mill

New Type Mill—Cone Overflow Ball Mill

2015-09-13 XinHai Views (1099)

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Cone overflow ball mill, a new type mill as representative of Xinhai has won much favor from concentrating mills in recent years. This kind carries forward advantages of traditional overflow ball mill and surmounts partial disadvantages of it. Now we take cone overflow ball mill of Xinhai as an example to introduce what cone overflow ball mill is.

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01The Structure of cone overflow ball mill

The feeder end, cylinder tube wall with proportional length and diameter, cone tube wall with reasonable cone angle, ore discharge end, drive system and lubrication system, etc. all constitute Cone overflow ball mill. The shape of the tube body could be the most obvious difference compared with the traditional, and instead of the only cylinder as the tube body, it adds cone tube wall into its tube body near the ore discharging part.

overflow type ball mill produced by Xinhai Mining

02Advantages of cone overflow ball mill

The special design introduced above can make materials and steel ball classified in cone tube wall. That is to say the more steel balls close to ore discharging mouth, the less its diameter turn to be. An ideal effect of grinding can be achieved, due to the larger acreage of contact between mineral and steel ball resulting from the less volume, in accordance with the theory of grinding. Therefore, this cone design increases the effect of grinding, to mill minerals more finely. In this level, we can say it strengthens advantages of the traditional. Moreover, cone overflow ball mill produced by Xinhai quite decreases friction force, to get prominent energy conservation for applying dual-listed Tiaoxin spherical roller bearing, the replacement of sliding bearings. It also boosts the effect of grinding to cut down energy consumption in appliance with corrugated liner board, which enlarges contacting surface between minerals and steel balls by improvement of minerals. Similarly, we say it surmounts disadvantages of the traditional in this level.