Energy-saving Beneficiation Ball Mill

Advantages of the Energy-saving Beneficiation Ball Mill

2015-09-13 XinHai Views (847)

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In order to meet the needs of the market and the development of technology, energy-saving beneficiation mill becomes the priority products for the ball mill manufactures. There are two kinds of energy-saving ball mills that Xinhai Mining Machinery Co.,LTD. producing, including cylinder energy-saving grid ball mill and cylinder energy-saving overflow ball mill.

Energy-saving ball mill of Xinhai adopts the large double row spherical roller bearing to replace sliding bearing, thus largely reducing the friction force and the ball mill can be easily started which saving energy about 20% to 30%. Corrugated linings are used in the cylinder to increase contact areas between balls and the ore, which can strengthen the grinding effects meanwhile lifting ore to cut down consumption. Small ball mill which is under 1.2m adopts overall stent for convenience of the civil construction and equipment installation. The production capacity has been largely improved due to the big ore mouth of the energy-saving ball mill. In order to ensure a more stable lubrication of the gear and pinion, oil mist lubricating device is adopted by the lubrication system.Cylinder energy-saving grid ball mill mainly processing coarse grained ores, while the cylinder energy-saving overflow ball mill often dealing with fine grained ores.

The linear of the energy-saving ball millis made of manganese steel, high chromium cast iron, rubber, etc. which thickness reaches 50mm to 130mm. Plywood, asbestos mats, plastic sheets and rubber can be lied down on the 10mm to 14mm gaps between lining and shell to buffer the impact power that steel ball to the cylinder. Lining is fixed by bolts on the cylinder, rubber ring and metal washer are used under the nut to prevent slurry leakage. Lining can be divided into smooth one and unsmooth one according to the shape the surface. The latter one can lift the grinding medium to a higher altitude before it falling down, thus enhance the impact power the steel ball to ore. While the smooth lining mainly used for fine grinding due to the relatively large lubrication which ore can get strong grinding effect from steel ball.

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