Some Suggestion For the Mining Technology Study of Ultra-poor Magnetite

2015-11-02 XinHai Views (1218)

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Some Suggestion for the mining technology Study of Ultra-poor Magnetite

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the need for iron ore resource is dramatically increasing. As a result, the free-milling ore reduces gradually. Therefore, the study for mining technology of ultra-poor magnetite has an important significance on relieving the current problem of a bad shortage of iron concentrate in China. Ultra-poor magnetite refers to the iron ore that under the present technology and economy can be developed and used and get profits with the content of total iron taking up 10%-20% and the grade of magnetite being above 5%. Here is some suggestion about the developing process of ultra-poor magnetite.

1. Develop large and high-efficiency equipment, and combine them closely with the major project in the industry.

During the research and development process of the beneficiation equipment, it should choose process project with representative low-grade iron ore as the key point, by energy conservation and emission reduction and high-efficiency mining technology to get the high-quality iron concentrate.

2. Pay attention to the development of the mining technology of ultra-poor Magnetite

When the price of iron ore is high, ultra-poor magnetite still has the profit space, so people should pay attention to the development of the mining technology of ultra-poor magnetite.

3. In order to promote the production scale of ultra-poor magnetite, the country should give it policy support.

In order to make the development of ultra-poor magnetite profitable, the country can reduce the VAT rate of the iron ore in the production process. It will be best if the iron ore can be produced without any rate.

4. Strengthen the environmental protection of the ultra-poor magnetite mining fields.

Based on the principle of mining and reclamation at the same time, it should combine the stripping, dumping, and reclamation closely both in time and space, forming the balanced model of stripping- dumping- reclamation integration and the integrated model of ecological restoration and reconstruction of the dump.

5. Strengthen the utilization of the waste rock and tailings

During the process of mining technology study of ultra-poor magnetite, it is discovered that because of the high concentration ratio, when it produces 1-ton iron concentration, 10 tons waste rock and tailings are usually discharged. Much waste rock can be used as building stone, and the fine particles can be used as the materials for the floor tile and cement, so it needs to accelerate the pace of utilizing the tailings.

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