disk feeder

Disc Feeder

[Introduction] : A traditional continuous feeding equipment for powder material

[Capacity] : 0~88.4t/h

[Improvement] : The speed regulating motor can be configured according to customers' requirements, and the amount of ore can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the disc.

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  • 01

    Stable and easy operation;

  • 02

    Wide application, energy saving and efficient;

  • 03

    Large bearing capacity;

  • 04

    Simple structure, even feeding, convenient maintenance, the best choice for feeding process of powder materials.

Product Structure

Bulk materials are loaded into the receiving cylinder from the hopper. The materials are not exposed to the wall of the cylinder and piled on the disc by their own weight. Adjust the gap between the sleeve and the disc by adjusting the bolt to control the natural pile of materials on the disc. angle. When the disc rotates, the material is evenly scraped by the discharge knife on the disc to the outside of the disc and falls, so that as the disc rotates, the material is evenly scraped into the receiving hopper by the discharge knife. Continuous operation of the disc completes the uniform feeding operation. Adjusting the gap between the unloading knife and the disc can also control the amount of feed. When working, the motor drives the disk mounted on the worm reducer to rotate through the pulley.

Technical Parameters

TypeModelDisk Diameter (mm)Rotating Speed of Disk (r/min)Max. Feed Size (mm)Feed Capacity (t/h)Motor ModelMotor Power

YG30030010. 0200~ 1. 8Y80L- 40. 55115

YG40040010. 70~ 2. 6Y90L- 61. 1120

YG5005000~ 3. 3124
CloseYG60060010. 00~5.    0130
HangedYG8008009300~8.    0Y80L- 40.55195

YG100010009300~ 12Y90L- 41. 5263

YG150015007400~ 22Y132M2-65. 5755


DK6006007. 53251. 8~ 3. 9Y90L- 61. 1410

DK8008007. 53303. 5~ 7. 6600

DK100010007. 50401.8〜16.7Y100L- 61. 5725
DK130013006. 5504. 3~27.    9Y132S- 63846
DK160016006607.03~48.6Y132M1- 641980

DK180018005709.26~60Y132M2- 65.53070

DK200020008013.6~88.4Y132M2- 63260