Selection of the Technological Process for Magnetite Beneficiation Plants

2015-10-28 XinHai Views (1074)

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The main contents of magnetite processing plants are constituted of design scale and index, working system and product program of equipment operation rate, technological process, equipment selection and production testing, automation, storage and maintenance facility, workshop constitution, plant building and device configuration, production safety and environmental protection, engineering budgets, and technological-economic indicator. Among those, the technological process is of great importance. Next is a brief introduction about it.

In the magnetite processing plants design, the major base of grading the technological process design is the grading process that washability experiment has recommended. Meanwhile, it can also make the production practice process of the mine referring to that of similar ore properties. After the necessary and comprehensive comparison of technology and economy, it can decide the final process. Based on different properties in different ores, the selection ways, stage times and cycle times of the sorting process are different. In the flotation process, there exist problems of concentration times, scavenging times as well as middling treatment. In the magnetite processing design, there are four fundamental principles in the sorting process, and the four principles are:

advanced, reliable, efficient and energy saving;

giving priority to the stage grinding process of the sorting process;

comprehensive recovery of the valuable mineral;

observing relevant provisions of environmental protection.

In the ore sorting process, crushing operation and grinding operation is indispensable. When sorting nonferrous metals like copper, lead and zinc, it mainly depends on flotation; when sorting ferrous metals like iron ore, it mainly depends on magnetic separation and increase the iron concentrate quality by flotation; when sorting ores like tungsten and stannum, it mainly depends on gravity separation.

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