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A High-Efficiency Titanium Ore Beneficiation Process

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The main mineral processing methods for titanium ore and zirconium mines are: scrubbing, gravity separation, magnetic separation, electric separation, flotation, chemical separation, photoelectric separation and friction separation. However, there are some shortcomings in the existing titanium ore beneficiation methods, such as the scrub-free desliming-thickener Jinghua process, direct gravity separation without particle classification, iron-oxygen permanent magnets and traditional magnetic system equipment that require multiple selections to obtain qualified concentrate products. wait. In view of these shortcomings, the following introduces you an efficient titanium ore beneficiation process. The main process flow is that the titanium raw ore undergoes slag removal, scrubbing, desliming, medium magnetic separation, strong magnetic separation, weak magnetic ore flotation, dehydration, and drying. The concentrate is obtained after dry, electromagnetic separation and other processes.

01Titanium ore slag removal, scrubbing and desliming process


(scrubbing equipment)

The raw titanium ore is sent to the hopper via a forklift, evenly fed into the conveyor, and then fed into the rotary screen for slag removal. The material under the sieve enters the scrubbing machine for scrubbing, and then enters the spiral classifier for desliming. The overflow water from the spiral classifier enters the concentration tank for purification. The purified water can be recycled. Scrubbing and desliming-dense pool water purification system not only has good cleaning and desliming effects, but also can recycle water and save resources.

02Medium and strong magnetic separation process in titanium ore

After desliming, the material flows into the permanent magnet drum magnetic separator for the first stage of magnetic separation operation, and the iron-containing impurities are adsorbed on the drum and then removed. The magnetic separation concentrate is sent to the wet high gradient magnetic separator through the slurry pump for the second stage of magnetic separation operation. The ilmenite in the ore can be adsorbed and selected by the magnetic medium at a magnetic field strength of about 3000-4000 Gauss. Some magnetic products It flows to the belt filter for dehydration, and then is sent to the dryer for drying treatment. The removed water can be returned to the magnetic separation process for repeated use. The non-magnetic part of the ore flows automatically into the high gradient magnetic separator for sweeping and sorting to recover weakly magnetic minerals.


(Permanent magnet drum type magnetic separator)

03Titanium ore weak magnetic ore flotation process

The magnetic minerals are sent to the flotation machine through the slurry pump for flotation, and the strong magnetic minerals are sent to the vacuum dewatering machine for dehydration. The dehydrated product is slurried with the return water containing a small amount of flotation reagents that has been heated by heat exchange in the cooling furnace. The flotation reagents are added, stirred and mixed, and then flow into the flotation tank by gravity. The titanium mineral remains at the bottom of the tank as the target mineral. , foam products mainly contain impurity minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. The concentrate products are combined with the magnetic part of the wet high gradient magnetic separator and enter the belt filter for dehydration.

After the tank surface part is concentrated by the thickener, the overflow water enters the flotation water purification and concentration machine, and the underflow part is transported to the independent mineral processing area. The non-magnetic part of the wet high gradient magnetic separator is transported to the zircon gravity separation production line using a slurry pump. The closed-circuit flotation process completes roughing, sweeping, selection and fine sweeping, and continuously flotates to produce concentrate products to improve efficiency.


(flotation equipment)

04Titanium ore dehydration and drying process

After the enriched ilmenite concentrate is filtered through a vacuum belt filter, the moisture content of the material is greatly reduced. Then it is sent to the drying furnace via conveyor for drying. Efficient dehydration-drying process, drying feed material has low moisture content and stable material volume.

Titanium ore electromagnetic separation process

The dried magnetic minerals are transported to a dry magnetic separator or dry electric separator through a conveyor belt for processing. Dry magnetic separation or dry electric separation separates titanium concentrates of different grades and other by-products through primary and secondary selection, and non-magnetic minerals are sent to the zircon gravity separation production line. After the low-grade titanium ore is dried in a dryer, qualified titanium concentrate products are obtained through primary and secondary selection. This process uses advanced modular electric separation technology, and qualified products can be obtained in one production line.

dry-magnetic-separator-machine-on-site (2).jpg

(dry magnetic separation)

The above is the process flow of titanium ore beneficiation. For different types of titanium ore raw ore, the specific beneficiation process should be appropriately adjusted in order to improve the beneficiation efficiency. Xinhai Mining can provide titanium ore beneficiation test analysis and customized design of titanium ore beneficiation process and equipment according to customer needs.

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