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Xinhai Mining Overall Intelligent Mine Solutions

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From traditional mines that rely on manual operations to smart mines that rely on emerging technologies, mining development in the new era continues to develop in a green, innovative, and intelligent direction. Smart mines use advanced technologies and systems to greatly improve production efficiency. The production process gradually becomes intelligent and automated, and the mines achieve sustainable development.

Facing the new mining development environment, Xinhai Mining has accelerated its transformation and upgrading and smart mine planning, driven intelligent transformation with technological innovation, and integrated the automation, informatization, and intelligent professional technical services required for mine construction with Xinhai Minin EPC+M+O Service to form an overall solution for smart mines!

01Overall intelligent mine solutions

Based on the concept of "detection control - collaborative optimization - management, control and decision-making", Xinhai Mining can integrate cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, VR, Big Data, intelligent AI analysis, 5G, and edge computing to provide customers with an overall smart mine planning, system design, EPC construction implementation and other services, and provide mining companies with one-stop smart mining services including engineering design, project integration, installation, construction and commissioning.


Xinhai Mining has an automation design and R&D department, an engineering project department and a power workshop. The core technical personnel all have more than ten years of experience in mining automation projects. Many technologies have obtained national invention patents and utility model patents. It has strong engineering design, product R&D and project engineering implementation capabilities provide guarantee for overall solutions for smart mines.

02Mineral processing whole process intelligent control system

Xinhai Mining coordinates and optimizes control of all aspects of mineral processing such as crushing, grinding, separation, concentrate dehydration, tailings transportation, and water systems during the mineral processing process to achieve comprehensive automation of the entire process of the mineral processing plant. It can stabilize the production process, balance the operating capacity and efficiency of each process, reduce production costs and labor intensity, and improve the plant processing capacity and the working environment while ensuring production indicators.


(Xinhai Mining Partial Ore Processing Control System)

In recent years, Xinhai Mining has leveraged its own technological advantages to carry out flotation, gravity separation, magnetic separation and cyanidation in the production process of common minerals such as lithium ore, gold ore, iron ore, copper ore, titanium-zirconium ore, and lead-zinc ore. It has accumulated a lot of experience in automation and information technology, and provided ideal automation solutions to customers around the world.


(Xinhai Mining 1 million TPA zirconium titanium ore automation solution)

03Intelligent equipment R&D and manufacturing

Xinhai Mining Automation Product R&D and Manufacturing Base has strong R&D, design and processing and manufacturing capabilities, and can customize complete sets of automation equipment for projects. Xinhai Mining Automation professional technicians have successfully developed grinding and classifying automation systems, flotation liquid level and aeration volume control systems, flotation automatic dosing machines, thickener automatic control systems, etc., which can be connected to the Internet of Things cloud platform and realize the deep integration of "smart+" and equipment manufacturing.


(Xinhai Mining Service Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park)

Meanwhile, Xinhai Mining has rich experience in projects at home and abroad, and is familiar with the standards and regulations of various countries and regions, including technical standards, safety regulations, environmental requirements, etc. Therefore, in the process of designing and implementing process intelligent mining solutions, it is possible to ensure that products or services comply with local laws, regulations and industry standards to meet customer compliance requirements.


(Intelligent equipment manufacturing)

04Digital management and control platform

Xinhai Mining's smart mine management and control platform built based on Internet of Things technology can realize all-mine data collection, transmission, integrated use, big data analysis and processing, etc., and intelligently manage the company's personnel, equipment, materials, energy, logistics, etc., and ultimately achieve the smart model and goals of safe and efficient production and green mines.


(Digital management and control platform page)

05System advantages

IoT perception + 5G transmission: It can comprehensively perceive the operating information and process parameters of mining equipment and transmit them to the cloud management platform through the IoT function and 5G network.

Factory and data visualization: Draw a 3D display of production equipment and processes that is close to the actual scene, restoring the on-site situation and giving a strong sense of reality. And display or control it in conjunction with the uploaded data to view key indicators in real time;

Cloud platform access capability: supports data access, real-time display and storage of many factories or projects at home and abroad;

Enterprise management and data analysis: Support enterprise production management methods, such as production capacity analysis reports, power analysis reports, water volume analysis, consumable material analysis, inventory analysis, equipment operation and maintenance management, personnel allocation management, personnel safety positioning functions, etc.;

Accurate push function: Put an end to the concealment of information and delay in processing, and improve the efficiency of relevant personnel in handling problems.

The development from traditional mines to smart mines is a process of improving production efficiency and a process of green transformation and upgrading of mines, in which smart technology innovation plays a key role. In the past thirty years of mining practice, Xinhai Mining has made an all-round layout, starting from multiple perspectives such as technology, manufacturing, production, and management, and integrating it into Xinhai Mining's smart mine overall solution to achieve more efficiency , smarter and more sustainable development for each mine. At present, Xinhai Mining's smart mining solutions have been applied to a number of EPC+M+O projects at home and abroad, and get ideal results!