Xinhai Flourished in Russian and Chile Mining Exhibition

Xinhai Flourished in Russian and Chile Mining Exhibition

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Recently, Xinhai participated in Chile EXPOMIN Exhibition and Russian Mining Exhibition. During the exhibition, we received customers from all over the world. How did the exhibition personnel answer those questions facing all kinds of demands? If you were not in the scene, you didn't need to regret. The following content would take you to appreciate the brilliant performance of Xinhai in the exhibition site!



As the most important and largest professional mining exhibition in Latin America (and also the second largest mining machinery exhibition in the world), Chile International Mining Exhibition was held every two years.

This exhibition included 36 countries, the United States, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Spain, Finland, England, South Africa, Brazil, and more than 1700 enterprises and brand.


Argentine customers asked us for the gypsum project. After we learned about the project, we made a preliminary feasibility analysis and gave some suggestions for their early investment.

group photo

Customers from Chile consulted barite separating process. Our technical engineer and Spanish area manager in Peru office combined with some common techniques such as flotation, gravity separation, and magnetic separation process, and then explained a detailed solution to customers. After the discussion, he offered to take a photo with us.

xinhai staff

customer consulting

In the exhibition site, as the only one mineral processing EPC enterprise from China, from the single machine, mineral processing technology to the whole EPC service, Xinhai attracted the inquiries from various customers.

xinhai flotation flow

This was a customer who consulted gold flotation process. Through the equipment process contact diagram on the display board, we introduced to him the equipment and process details that involved in the gold flotation process.

xinhai suggestion

"Due to the lack of funds, so we cannot successfully launch the project," the customer complained. After the project analysis, we explained how to benefit from the project through cutting previous investment then carried out the operation way that promoted the project expansion.

brazil customer

The Brazilian customers asked us about the operation of flotation and cyanide process in the plant. We combined the application examples of the plant, and relied on video and 3D animation, gave customers the direct and clear explanation in the limited time.

tungsten tin mine process consult

The two customers specially brought the manganese ore samples to the site for consultation. After the preliminary judgment of the ore, our technical engineers made a preliminary feasibility plan for the customer which was based on the local water source and power supply. At the end of the meeting, the customers invited us to study the project.

RUSSIA Mining Exhibition

RUSSIA Mining Exhibition

As a major event of Russian mineral development and processing industry, Russia International Mining Exhibition has been successfully held for 19 times.

In 2015, more than 400 companies from 30 countries around the world participated in the exhibition. The exhibition area reached 4,378 square meters. In addition, the exhibition area also specially set up Norwegian exhibition area, Canadian exhibition area, American exhibition area, German exhibition area and Chinese exhibition area.

mineral processing EPC

Here were Russian customers who are consulting the details of tungsten tin mine processing service. Our Russian-speaking manager explained every detail to our customers from the previous mineral processing experiment, the medium-term mine design to the later plant construction.

record customers demand

As the regular customer who was invited to the exhibition, he would put forward their own opinions and ideas in the discussion of mineral processing EPC service, and we recorded one by one, which would be an important basis and reference for our future optimization services.

CAD layout

The customers consulted how to configure the plant pump. We patiently and carefully answer their questions for him through the equipment CAD layout.

consult antimony ore process

The Russian customer team consulted the antimony ore process that was related to gravity separation and flotation process. In terms of the equipment selection, we put forward a reasonable plan according to the customer's capacity and previous project experience.

During the two exhibitions, we not only received many new customers but also won new customers. In the future market development, we will continue to actively seek more opportunities to interact then we look forward to your coming.