Alluvial Gold Mining Process

Alluvial Gold Mining Production Line

[Introduction]: The principle of alluvial gold mining beneficiation is to maximize the recovery rate of gold and the associated heavy minerals from gangues first and then separate gold from the associated heavy minerals by joint mining solutions such as gravity separation, flotation, amalgamation, magnetic separation, and electrostatic separation.

[Application]: Alluvial gold processing solution mainly applies to processing alluvial gold with a large volume of gangue minerals. Alluvial gold processing is a set of mining processes, including crushing and screening, desliming stage, separating stage, etc.

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Process Description

  • Crushing and Screening

    Many alluvial gold ores contain cementing mud pie and most of its particle size is over 100 mm, which will be excluded together with the waste rock in the process of screening if not being crushed, thus is a loss of gold vibrating screen and trommel are the commonly used screening equipment, which has long service life and high processing capacity.

  • Desliming

    Material less than 0.1mm almost does not contain gold in alluvial gold ore, which is known as floating gold and is difficult to be recovered in the separating process. Moreover, the gold and sludge will be confused in the separating process, particularly in the mechanical separating process. Therefore, in the alluvial gold mining process, this kind of sludge mainly be eliminated. Popular Desliming equipment is an off-the-mud bucket.

  • Separating

    Practice has proved that gravity separation is the most effective and economical alluvial gold processing method. Due to the different sizes distributed among alluvial gold, different alluvial gold processing equipment has various effective size limitations, so a reasonable alluvial gold separating process should apply the several gravity separators to jointly operate.

    Xinhai jig tapered slide valve, which has lower failure rate of 80%, lower energy consumption and can meet different separating process, increase processing capacity by more than 35%. And its also characterized by easy operation of stroke and frequency with the use of high-tech; smaller covering space while larger handling capacity per unit area.

    Xinhai improved the traditional 6s concentrating table, bed-type cam lever to change the slider position on the rocker arm can adjust stroke, the leather belt of smooth motor is to adjust jig frequency. Advantages: easy stroke adjustment; smooth bed running; compact structure; lower power consumption.

  • Advantages

    This process characterized by the simple process, lower cost in equipment, easy operation, What is more, the mining process is environmental protection, the tailings can be directly discharged, which greatly reduces the overall processing plant cost in civil engineering.