Zimbabwe 500t/d Gold CIP Plant

Zimbabwe 500t/d Gold CIP Plant

It was a 500t/d gold CIP processing plant.

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Xinhai Solution

  • 01

    Theraw material of the concentrator was gold heap leaching tailings. The rawmaterials were fed into the raw ore bin by the loader, and the belt conveyorwas set under the bin. The raw materials were fed into the belt and transferredto the ball mill in the zone for grinding.

  • 02

    Theball mill, pump and classification cyclone formed a closed-circuit grindingsystem. The overflow of the classification cyclone flowed to the thickener forconcentration. After that, the ore slurry entered the leaching operation.

  • 03

    Theleached gold was adsorbed by the activated carbon to obtain gold-loaded carbon.Then, the gold-loaded carbon was desorbed and electrolyzed to obtain the goldmud.

  • 04

    Finally,the gold mud was smelted to obtain gold ingots. The tailings were fed into thefilter press, the generated backwater was returned to production and the filtercake was transported away by car.

Project Result

Xinhai adopted mature and reliable technology and equipment to ensure long-term, safe, stable and continuous operation of the beneficiation plant and produce qualified products. On the premise of meeting product quality requirements, selected the appropriate technological process and strived to obtain the best economic benefits. Met the requirements of modern enterprises for the production environment, and achieved the combination of source management and tail treatment. Implemented the principle of treating the three wastes and reducing pollution. At the same time, the actual geography, geology, topography and climate conditions of the construction site of the concentrator were fully considered.