Mexio 1200TPD Gold Mineral Processing Plant

The 1200TPD gold mine cyanide concentrator project in Mexico is another collaboration between Xinhai Mining and the client of the project. In 2017, Xinhai Mining undertook the customer's 1,500tpd copper-lead-zinc, gold-silver polymetallic ore project in Mexico. Since the cooperation on the project was very pleasant and the project design overall met expectations. Therefore, the customer of this project once again chose to cooperate with Xinhai Mining during the preparation stage of the new project to help it complete the construction of the 1,200tpd gold ore cyanide concentrator project.

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Xinhai Solution

  • 01

    Cyanide leaching system: The raw ore flotation tailings slurry is pumped to the pre-leaching thickener. After being concentrated to a concentration of 40%, it enters the cyanide leaching system for leaching and adsorption operations to obtain qualified gold-loaded carbon.

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    Desorption electrolysis system: Send qualified gold-loaded carbon into the desorption electrolysis system. Under high temperature and high pressure conditions, anions that are easily adsorbed by activated carbon are added to the desorption system to replace Au(CN)2-.

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    Smelting system: After pickling and impurity removal, gold mud can be obtained, which can be directly smelted to obtain gold ingots.

Project Result

Xinhai Mining fully considers the actual geography, geology, landform and climate conditions of the construction site of the mineral processing plant, and considers energy saving, consumption reduction, comprehensive utilization, low investment, short construction period and quick results to ensure that the mineral processing project can be long-term, safe and stable , operate continuously and produce qualified products.