Guinea 3000tpd Gold Mineral Processing Plant

Recently, the Guinea 3000TPD gold mine carbon slurry plant built by Xinhai Mining was officially put into operation. The gold mine deposits of the project are mainly surface laterite ore bodies, and 80% of the ore is powdery clay ore, containing granular gold. The average grade of the ore is 1.0g/t, with very few impurity elements, and gold is the only recoverable element. During the construction of the dressing plant, Xinhai mining technicians always maintained professional technical standards from design to construction to complete every task and smoothly promote the project implementation.

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Xinhai Solution

  • 01

    Xinhai Mining received gold mine samples from customers in Guinea and determined the composition of the samples. Xinhai Mining Research Institute then used innovative thinking to formulate a test plan for the gold mine sample, and finally selected an appropriate mineral processing process to improve the concentrate grade and recovery rate of the project.

  • 02

    Based on the ore sample test results, Xinhai Mining Design Institute carried out design work for the gold mine project, including gold mine carbon slurry process design and related auxiliary facilities.

  • 03

    Xinhai Mining provides a complete set of gold mining equipment for this project, and provides customers with customized equipment based on the equipment selection of the mine design plan. According to the production plan of the Guinea gold mine project, the gold mine equipment manufacturing was completed on time and with high quality, and relying on a complete packaging and shipping management system and thoughtful and meticulous packaging and shipping services ensured that the equipment arrived at the dressing plant safely and intact.

  • 04

    Xinhai Mining Project Team provides services such as civil construction, installation and commissioning, and worker training for mining engineering projects. The overseas installation team also completed the installation and commissioning services of gold mining equipment on time and provided technical training for project workers to ensure the smooth launch of the project.

Project Result

The 3000TPD gold mine carbon slurry project in Guinea adopts an intelligent control system for the entire mineral processing process. Xinhai Mining provides automated service solutions including automated design, automated equipment customization, intelligent control systems, and video surveillance systems. The operation of each stage of the mineral processing plant realizes coordinated control and optimized control, and the production efficiency is significantly improved.