Will XCF Flotation Cell Usher in a New Wave of Development?

2018-08-31 XinHai Views (949)

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XCF flotation cell is one of the important means to realize the flotation process. Since the mid-1960s, China's flotation cell has made considerable progress for 10 years. Nowadays, with the upsizing and high-efficiency of mechanical equipment, will XCF flotation cell usher in a new wave of development?

The main design of XCF air inflation flotation cell totally avoids the disadvantages of the traditional air inflation flotation cell. In the design, XCF air inflation flotation cell adopts a new cone-shaped impeller technology, which can not only circulate the slurry, disperse air, but also suck the feeding ore from the outside of the tank. Therefore, it solves the problem that the traditional flotation cell can't suck the slurry caused by the low-pressure air.

In addition, the ladder configuration of flotation operation is changed to the plane configuration, which can remove the foam pump. This design improves many problems in traditional air inflation flotation cell caused by ladder configuration, such as poor and complex floatation process, difficult to configurate selected assignments.

XCF air inflation flotation cell, except for sole use, can also be used online with KYF floatation cell as the suction tank without external aeration. This joint flotation unit can reach their full performances, which can not only improve the processing index, simplify the process, but also promote the degree of automatic control, reduce the energy consumption.

Whether the XCF air inflation flotation cell will usher in another innovation? I would like to say, the birth of a new type of ore dressing equipment often brings the changes of ore dressing technology. The level of ore dressing equipment is not only to improve its technology level, but also will directly affect the production. With the progress of science, the innovative development of mineral processing equipment never stops, XCF air inflation flotation cell does too.