Xinhai Chairman Won the Honorary Title of ‘Shandong Good Man’

Xinhai Chairman Won the Honorary Title of ‘Shandong Good Man’

2018-08-28 XinHai Views (1047)

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The selection activity of 'Shandong Good Man' was co-organized in Shandong province by Propaganda Department of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Civilization Administration Office, Dazhong News Group, Shandong Federation of Trade Unions, the Group Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Women's Federation and Shandong Broadcasting and Television Station, which was held to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, push the normalization of the learn-from-Lei Feng activities, comprehensively promote the civic virtues construction and build 'Moral Shandong'.

Through the recommend of related departments and the comprehensive discussion of the Provincial Civilization Administration Office, as well as the widely solicit comments from the public by the media, Yantai Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office finally selected the 'Yantai Good Man' of the second season in 2018, including Yunlong Zhang, the Chairman of Xinhai Mining Technology and Equipment Inc. After a series of selections, Mr. Zhang was on the list of the 75th Honesty Star in 2018 and successfully won the honorary title of 'Shandong Good Man'.

Mr. Zhang is the member of CPC, the Academician of Australasia Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (Auslmm), Senior Engineer of Mineral Processing. Now he is in the position as follows:

◆ Chairman and General Manager of Xinhai Mining Technology and Equipment Inc.

◆ Vice-chairman of China Mining Federation Green Mining Construction Promotion Committee

◆ Vice President of China Gold Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Council and member of Expert Group

◆ Chief Technical Expert of Precision Molding and Remanufacturing Committee of China Circular Economy Association

◆ Vice-chairman of Clay Mineral Committee of China Nonmetal Mineral Industry Association

Since 1983, Mr. Zhang has been devoted to mine industry for 35 years, who successively took the charge of assistant-engineer, engineer, deputy chief economist, manager and other positions. With the enthusiasm of mine industry, and the national call of developing manufacture industry, Mr. Zhang established Yantai Xinhai Mineral Equipment Limited Company in 1997. During the last 20 years, Mr. Zhang adhered to the idea that treats people with sincerity and operates with faith, and led Xinhai Mining Technology and Equipment Inc. to become a well-known brand of mineral processing.

Besides, Mr. Zhang also undertook the responsibility of private entrepreneur actively. For example, he often shared the development experience with peers. As the President of Yantai Cross-border E-commerce Association, he often organized communication activities among the industry, which gained a high praise. In addition, Mr. Zhang was the Deputy to the 18th National People's Congress of Fushan District and President of Fushan High-tech District Commerce Chamber, who won many honors as follows:

◆ 'New-three-broad Gold Medal Chairman·the star of industry contribution' from Finance and Economics

◆ Outstanding Entrepreneur of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

◆ Shandong Excellent Information officer, National Excellent Information Officer

Moreover, Mr. Zhang was invited to join various big events and took speech, such as:

◆ China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Summit BBS by the Ministry of Land and Resources and Guangxi autonomous region government

◆ China International Mining Congress Sub-forum by the Ministry of Land and Resources

◆ Second annual overseas mining investment top BBS by China Mineral Union

◆ First International Mineral Commerce Summit of China

Through this way, Mr. Zhang spread the correct idea and method on mineral investment and dressing plant construction, and helped Chinese enterprises going abroad in a more scientific, more efficient and safer way.