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Introduce the Principle of Flotation Beneficiation

2018-02-12 XinHai Views (1101)

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Flotation beneficiation process is often used, this article will introduce the principle of flotation beneficiation.

First, we will talk about the impact of the solid immersion situation on the flotation. As followings:

If the hydrophilicity of minerals, gangue minerals such as quartz, feldspar, while the surface energy of the three phases can fully meet the conditions, and it can immersed in water; If strong mineral hydrophobicity, such as graphite, molybdenite, the surface can only meet the conditions of stage Ⅰ → Ⅱ, Ⅱ → Ⅲ not meet the conditions, they well floating on the water, this is not the best plus any surface flotation reagent flotation; If the mineral meet Ⅱ → Ⅲ conditions can not meet the conditions Ⅲ → Ⅳ, although most of the sink below the surface, but it will not sink all of this is still in line with the surface of the flotation requirements.

There is adsorption flotation, wherein the polymer adsorption are the following: (1) lying adsorption: Flexible polymer solution at very low concentrations in the adsorbed state mine table; (2) Last Adsorption: Adsorption of a flexible polymer in a high concentration solution of (partial segments adsorbed on mineral form part toward the adsorption state solution); 3) lying adsorption: stiff polymer at lower concentrations in the mineral surface adsorption state; (4) vertical adsorption: stiff polymer concentration is high in the mineral surface adsorption state. Adsorbed polymer electrolyte in the charge sheet, there are two types of mining: surface charge is reversed, the polymer adsorption due to electrostatic adsorption and strengthening; the surface charge of the same sign, polymer adsorption by electrostatic. Polymer adsorption on the surface properties of the ore particles: polymer adsorption ore particle surface, resulting in surface potential mineral particles and wettability change. (1) For non-ionic polymer, no significant effect on the adsorption table electrically mine. (2) For the ionic polymer, when it is less concentration in the solution, mainly for electricity on the surface of, its role is similar to the simple ions. When its concentration increases, the end of the chain link and the adsorption layer appears, also steric effects of mineral particles interface enhancements. A plurality of polar groups present on (3) a polymer chain, which can often enhance. Thus, a polymer often used as flocculants or depressants use of fine mineral particles.

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