Laboratory Flotation Cell Operation Procedure

Laboratory Flotation Cell Operation Procedure

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Flotation test is the test for exploring the flotation nature, flotation conditions, flotation indexes, and it is the essential step in the flotation process. So, suitable laboratory flotation operation procedures are very important.

Laboratory flotation operation procedures as follows:

(1) Know the laboratory flotation operation regulations, equipment structure, and operation points, try to operate and ensure the operation going well and operators???safety; check and clean flotation tank and installed properly.

(2)Weigh sample and flotation reagent (solid). Test pharmacy is expressed by the content in 100 mL. No.2 oil pharmacy is dropped into the pump by the syringe drop by drop, and the needle should be vertical.

(3) Milling. Adding proper water(overflow the mill media), starting mill for 3~5 minutes and clean it, adding water, ore into the mill by the order, cover the mill cover and start the ball mill for a regulated time, then clean the ore attached into the inner wall with proper water.

(4) Adding proper water to laboratory flotation tank, start the machine and adjust the flotation tank position, make the water become convection in agitation area and bubble-rich region, and mark the flotation stuck position.

(5) Move the pump to flotation tank and notice the water amount.

(6) Close laboratory flotation valve, start agitation, if there is no convection, add more water until the convection formed; observe the flotation tank water level, if there is no good convection, we should add more water or check whether the inflatable hole is stuck.

(7) Adding regent as the regent instruction, and agitate the pump at the designed time.

(8) Along with the flotation process, laboratory flotation tank’s water level will decrease, in order to guarantee the scrap, we should add water continuously and clean the particles that attached to agitation axis and tank wall. The added water should not backload foam and wiper.

(9) When there is no foam or foam become water bubble, close the inflatable hole and stop the machine. Particles attached to the wall are punched into a tank, particles attached to the overflow and scrap plate are punched into concentrate ores and discharge the tailings.

(10) Filter the classed product and dry to constant weight, weigh them after they are cold and make a sample and analyze.

 (11) Clean laboratory equipment and laboratory site.

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