The Basic Requirements of Single Laboratory Flotation Machine

The Basic Requirements of Single Laboratory Flotation Machine

2016-05-29 XinHai Views (950)

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Most flotation experiments are carried out in the single laboratory flotation machine. Although there are big differences in the structure and capacity of the single laboratory flotation machine and industrial production flotation machine, the basic requirements laboratory flotation machine consistent.

The single laboratory flotation machine is made up of scaffold, dynamo, rotating device, scraping bubble device, flotation machine, flotation machine locking devices, transmission device with belt pulley and worm gear reducer. During the flotation experiment, the rotation of impeller driven by the rotating device, the impeller not only to stir the pulp to make it mix uniformity with pulp, reagent, and bubbles, and it intakes air through throwaway surrounding slurry to form negative pressure at its center, therefore, the rotating speed of impeller is fast, which requires the impeller and the cover plate of flotation machine has high abrasion performance.

Different minerals and different flotation processes have different inflating volume, The single laboratory flotation machine should have the function to continuously adjust it according to the demand. The single laboratory flotation machine should be capable of forming a stable foam layer with a certain thickness to get the reliable laboratory result, which not only can reduce the small fluctuations of laboratory results affected by time, but can improve the grade of foam products through the second enrichment of the reliable bubble layer. In addition, the single laboratory flotation machine must be characterized by simple structure, easy operation, easy adjusting index of flotation indicators, and easy inspection and maintenance, etc.

The single laboratory flotation machine is the common device in mineral processing laboratory, usually is used in the flotation experiments of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, non-metallic minerals, usually the capacity of its flotation tank is 1.5 ~ 8L, which has the functions of agitation, air inflation, g adsorption of a slurry.