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Principle of Belt Sludge Dewatering Equipment

2015-01-13 XinHai Views (990)

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Belt sludge dewatering equipment working principle is, by the forces of the gravity and external forces, the water in the sludge is flowed through the filter medium voids and the solid impurities are left. The commonly used dewatering equipment is divided into cylindrical vacuum dewater, disc dewater, vacuum horizontal dewatering equipment, belt filter press dewatering equipment, ordinary plate filter press dewatering equipment and vans dewatering equipment.

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Vacuum horizontal dewatering equipment is used for process coarser and larger density particles, and it can also be used to filter coal and other materials. Belt filter press dewatering equipment is used to treat the refractory fine grade materials, such as fine flotation product or slurry and sludge. It is necessary to study the nature of the sewage, such as the contents of solid particles, the particle size distribution, viscosity, settling velocity and so on to choose the right dewatering equipment.

It will accumulate lots of impurities in processing the sewage in sewage treatment plants, which stimulate the appearance of the sludge. Because of so much water contained in the sludge, in the pre-treatment stage, we need the sludge dewatering equipment to enrich the sludge. Belt sludge dewatering equipment is one of them, which is easy control and cheap.

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