Development of Center Drive Suspended Sludge Thickener Tank in China

Development of Center Drive Suspended Sludge Thickener Tank in China

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From 1954 Shenyang mining machinery group Co., Ltd begun to imitate the original Soviet-style thickener, until the mid-1960s, we finally finished the concentrator sequence which almost meets the needs of the domestic small and medium beneficiation at that time. Early in the 1970s, thickeners development was going to the systematic and standardized. Reform and opening up in the 1980s contributed to the rapid development of enrichment machines, in which large concentrator is especially rapid progress, various models, a variety of specifications, advanced technology of thickeners appeared in succession, such as the phi 100 m large thickener and automatic lift rake drive type thickener etc.

And this article is going to talk Center drive suspended sludge thickener tank, China production of center drive suspended thickener currently are mostly small and medium diameter of 20m or less, but in some of our sewage treatment plant, there is a large center drive type equipment, the diameter is 45m and the sizes is 42m.

 When selecting thickener it should be normally based on the amount of ore, feeding the particle size composition, and solid-liquid ratio, pulp and the viscosity of the foam and other factors of the feeding materials to determine thickener specifications and models. Firstly, the center drive thickener is used for the small capacity, but the peripheral transmission thickener is used for the larger quantity. When the density of the material is smaller, the roller wheel is available, whereas vice is given priority to with rack drive. Secondly, in cold areas or limited site area small treatment plants, you can use efficient enrichment machine, but taking into account the impact of the effect of flocculent to the next processes. Thirdly, it’s necessary to meet the requirements of the mounts of water needed in the next processes, and also need to control the upper water turbidity and the amount of sludge loss. At present, there are many thickeners manufacturers in China, such as Xinhai mining machinery Co. Ltd, Shenyang heavy machinery Co. Ltd and Liaoning heavy machinery Co, Ltd and so on.