Professional manufacturer of thickeners presents thickening handbooks

Professional manufacturer of thickeners presents thickening handbooks

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1, How to maintain peripheral roller transmission thickener

a)The track is smooth and firm without serious wear. The track should be located in the center circle, and the eccentric error is less than 20mm;

b)A walking wheel contacts with rail surface evenly, no slippage; the diameter wear of walking wheel does not exceed 15mm; the gap between wood block and rail does not exceed 20mm;

c)Transmission bracket without crack, opening welding and serious deformation;sake is complete without open welding and deformation, and not scraping the bottom of the pool.

d)Support ball without defect, steel ball and rolling ring without serious wear and crack, smooth running, good lubrication

e)Electrical device: slip ring with even wear, stable brush rack, balance pressure and good sealing

f)Protective device:the voice and light signal is flexible and reliable; manual and automatic rake lifting device is flexible and reliable, materials and specifications of the safety pin meet the requirements

g)Thickener overflow tank keep horizontal; complete baffle; smooth bottom and wall of the pool

2, Materials of peripheral roller transmission thickener tank

Tanks of peripheral roller transmission thickener could be made by steel, concrete, wooden or block stone depending on the specification, feedings, orographic condition, etc.

3, How much is the solid content of underflow?

In normal situation, the underflow solid content is controlled in 300,00 g/l. The larger discharge, the lower solid content, and when the underflow concentration is improved, the discharge should be reduced. The underflow concentration is decided according the requirement of overflow concentration.

4, The flocculants dosage of deep cone thickener

In the normal feeding situation, the dosage of flocculants is 3???g/m3, and it must be prepared and diluted first.

5, The difference between deep cone thickener and other thickeners

The deep cone thickener is composed of cylinder and cone. The size of tank depth is larger than the diameter size. The agitation device is installed in deep cone of thickener.

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