The Installation of Xinhai Gravity Thickener

2016-01-19 XinHai Views (1221)

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Xinhai is the first mining company in China, in the over past 20 years, Xinhai has completed 80% transformation of mining equipment. Its gravity thickener not only could operate stably according to the predicted index, but also can operate simply and flexible after the operation system transformation. Follows are brief installation instruction of gravity thickener.

The picture is Xinhai gravity thickener, when we install the thickener: ① first, put the secondary beam of the moving beam on the central cylinder and fall it on the bottom; ② fix the central support part in the top of central concrete cylinder, when set the anchor belt, we should find the alignment level and center correctly, and it should be fixed by pouring the 1:2 cement mortar. ③ when setting the rail, we should make the central support part of the benchmark, and to fix and correct the rail. The rail is a circle composed of some arc-shaped parts, each joint internal and external has arc-plate. The arc-parts cannot avoid the deformation in transportation and manufacturing, it should be corrected and fixed according to the cement pond actual situation in the installation process. In the construction process, we should check the level and center distance to guarantee it meet the requirement. Then fixed by the anchor wire and pre buried iron, the anchor dam should be fixed by pouring cement. We should along the center track horizontal to check respect the level and center distance, the horizontal level error should no more than 1mm, and center distance error no more than 5mm, welding the arc-plate after all elements in line with requirements; ④ install the moving beam according to the installation instruction; ⑤ install fixed beam ⑥ install deeding tube or chute in fixed beam; ⑦ install cable and check it to avoid short and open circuit; ⑧ clean pollutants produced in installation process to avoid concentration products polluted; ⑨ install overflow discharge pipe, slurry feeding pipeline and concentration product discharge pipeline.

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