Sludge Dewatering Machine Selection Principles

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It is generally based on material properties such as size of material composition, settling velocity materials, etc. and operational factors such as: the type of materials to discharge quantity, feeding and discharging liquid ratio, the use of flocculants, the PH and temperature of pulp slurry etc. to determine the sludge dewatering machine. Then how to choose the right sludge dewatering machine?

1. When a small amount of processing required, it is generally choosing the central transmission sludge dewatering machine; When the required capacity is larger and the material density is small, it is first to choose peripheral roller wheel transmission thickener; When capacity is larger, and the density of the material is larger, it is priority to choose the peripheral rack transmission thickener.

2. When the dressing plant is small or in the cold area and the sludge dewatering machine needs to be set indoors, it is a preference to choose the efficient sludge thickening and dewatering machine, at this time, you should pay attention to the effect and the sub-impact on the follow-up process of the flocculants.

3. The moisture content of the bottom stream products should meet the requirements of the follow-up operations, the overflow products need to meet the turbidity requirements and the requirements of the metal wastage.

4. It is according to production test or simulation test to determine the required thickener area.

5. According to the slurry properties and the production, index to choose the appropriate thickener.

6. Good reputation manufactures should be considered. Such as Xinhai machinery group, Shenyang heavy machinery group, Liaoning heavy machinery group, Qunying machinery and Huaibei Zhongfen machinery Co, Ltd.

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