Factors that Influence Laboratory Flotation Cell Inflatable Amount

Factors that Influence Laboratory Flotation Cell Inflatable Amount

2015-11-06 XinHai Views (1117)

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Inflatable amount influences the bubble amount, size and distribution, and thus influence the recycle rate, grade and other important flotation indexes. A good inflatable is an essential condition for mine flotation cell and laboratory flotation cell. So what factors that can influence the laboratory flotation cell inflatable amount?

The gap between the rotor and stator. The flotation cell rotor and stator gap can influence the laboratory flotation cell inflatable amount directly. If there is a bigger gap, pulp would turn from the rotor front to the rotor back, then the vacuum is reduced and has a less inflatable amount. If there is a small gap, the rotor and stator can be rubbed and collided easily, and make less inflatable amount. Xinhai laboratory flotation cell has the best rotor and stator gap and makes the inflatable amount in the best state.

Intake pulp. If there is appropriate intake pulp, laboratory flotation cell has a biggest inflatable amount. Because it has big intake pulp, the air, and pulp mixed together fully produce large gravity, thus the pulp can be easily dropped by the rotor and form the negative pressure in high vacuum degree, there is bigger inflatable amount, but if there is much too big inflatable amount, pulp would block the upper-level air hole and reduce the inflatable amount. Xinhai laboratory floatation cell can control the intake pulp amount and makes the intake pulp amount in the best degree and makes the flotation cell has the best inflatable amount.

The distance between the rotor and pulp level. When there is the bigger distance between the rotor and the pulp level, the static pressure upon rotor is bigger and the rotor friction is bigger, thus flotation cell has the less inflatable amount. Xinhai fully considers the capacity and the influence between rotor depth upon the inflatable amount and designs the best depth of rotor.

Besides, the big pulp density also reduces the flotation cell inflatable amount. Xinhai takes the best design method to design the most reasonable structure and uses the best wear-resistance rubber to make the long last serving life flotation cell. Xinhai adopts the "with the lower price and more sales" sale principle, sells the cheapest flotation cell but along with the best service. Xinhai laboratory flotation cell is your best choice.