Miniature Flotation Cell Evaluation Indexes

Miniature Flotation Cell Evaluation Indexes

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Flotation equipment has: flotation cell, agitation tank and feeding equipment, flotation cell is the most important equipment in flotation process. Flotation cell has many specifications, large flotation cell is used in industrial production, miniature flotation cell is used in a laboratory. The miniature evaluation is familiar with the large flotation cell evaluation indexes.

Inflatable performance and flotation indexes. Miniature flotation cell inflatable performance can be seen obviously by eyes through the bubble size and distribution in the flotation tank. Flotation inflatable performance has a great connection with the flotation indexes so inflatable performance can be judged by the flotation indexes. Flotation indexes include concentrate ore grade, concentrate ore recycle rate, dry tailings grade and recycle rate. The miniature flotation cell with great flotation indexes also has great inflatable performance.

Capacity. Flotation equipment capacity performance is expressed as the tons of mineral material processed in the per unit tank within per unit time(t/m3·h) or the pulp passing capacity (the passing pulp volume in per unit time (m3/h). miniature flotation cell has a small capacity, we should select the miniature flotation cell by the laboratory-specific requirement.

Energy consumption. Flotation cells energy consumption is counted by the original ore tons (the energy consumed by per ton original ore). Miniature flotation cell has the lower energy consumption, so the energy consumption is not so important.

Price, installation, operation, maintenance and land area. Price, installation, operation, maintenance is the important consideration factor in flotation cell evaluation indexes. Miniature flotation cell which has low price, easy installation, stable operation, easy maintenance, and small land area, has the best indexes in this aspect.

Xinhai provides mall, middle and large size flotation cell, include mechanical agitation cell and flotation column, all those can be widely used in large, middle and small mine, and bring great economy and social effect. All the floatation cell are designed, installed and tested by the international quality standard certification system, they are sold in Asia, Europe, Africa and South Africa over 100 countries, their quality is worthy your trust.

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