Flotation Stators and Rotors Function in Flotation Machine

Flotation Stators and Rotors Function in Flotation Machine

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According to different airing inflation and agitation way, the flotation can be divided into Air-inflation Mechanical Flotation, Sniffing Mechanical Flotation, Decompression Flotation and Air-lift Machine. Flotation rotor and stator are the most essential parts in Sniff Mechanical Agitating Flotation and Air-inflation Mechanical Flotation.

Flotation rotor consists of a centrifugal-type impeller, rod-type impeller, cage-type impeller and star-type rotor. Sniff Mechanical Agitating Flotation form suction feature like the characteristics of the pump, which can sniff air and slurry by itself, therefore the machine can realize intermediate products return to reprocess by itself without the help of sand pump in flotation processing. Working principle of Air-inflation Mechanical Agitating Flotation is like Sniff Mechanical Agitating Flotation, can make slurry and flotation reagent mix fully and protect slurry from grooving.

Flotation stator often is drilled, which is fixed in flotation working process. The drill of the stators is the slurry gallery to moving slurry, and the size and amount of drill have an effect on the amount and size of vesicle. A stator has the function of stabilizer, which can stable the up cell vesicle prevent slurry from disturbing vesicle surface, to make vertex region away from vesicle then forming stable slurry level. In addition, stator can protect rotor to make flotation start easily.

Flotation Stator and Rotor crash the solid grain of the slurry intensively, thus rotor and stator has serious wear and tear. Xinhai Mining Machinery Company provide wear-resistant rubber Flotation stator and rotor, acid- resisting and alkaline-resisting, and the service life is the common’s 1.5~3 times, which is a big revolutionary improvement in flotation industry.

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