Super wear-resistant flotation rotor

Super wear-resistant flotation rotor

2015-11-04 XinHai Views (1038)

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There has been 100 years since the advent  of the flotation. At present, flotation is becoming perfect, which can produce  continuously and stably. The gap between domestic machine and the foreign is  becoming less, and some machine like Xinhai machine is better than the  international. Flotation rotor as flotation parts is the first to wear device need changing frequently.  Flotation rotor made by Xinhai Mining Machinery Company enlarge replacement  period, which is one leap in flotation technique development.

When Mechanical Agitating flotation  working, mixing slurry and flotation reagent, suspending slurry and vesicle  diffusion depend on rotors rotating intensively in the slurry. The intensively  rotation of rotor making rotor and solid grain in the slurry crash sharply,  therefore rotor wear and tear is serious. Besides as rotors wearing, some  results is likely to happen: 1. Flotation reagent and slurry mixing asymmetry  leading to high cost and bad flotation index; 2. Slurry mixing asymmetry and in  insufficiency cause sediment and vesicle turbulent fluctuation enlarged,  decreasing the flotation index and even scraping the machine; 3. The amount of  vesicle and diffusion decreasing giving rise to low recovery rate in flotation  index. From this to see, to make flotation result reach the perfect level, it  is necessary to adopt to wear-resistant rotor, decreasing the wear and tear to  rotors, and changing it periodic replacement.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Company achieve 8  rubber patents in domestic. The flotation rotor produced from Xinhai belong to  super wear-resistant device, which can make lengthen the service life to 1.5~3  times. Moreover, every model flotation made by xinhai is used by foreign and  domestic plants, and is praised highly by public. Xinhai is the best choice to  choose the wear-resistant rotor and flotation.

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