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Flotation Reagent of XFD Single Tank Flotation Cell

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XFD single tank flotation cell is widely used as laboratory equipment in metallurgy, chemical, mineral processing industry, and so on, because of its simple but rational structure, accurate measurement, and convenient repair and maintenance. XFD single tank flotation cell mainly consists of many parts, including frame, a support plate, agitation parts, scraper, spindle, guard shield, motor, flowmeter, control switch, scraper switch, and etc.

Like the other flotation cells, XFD single tank flotation cell achieves the separation purpose by making use of the different hydrophobicity of the surface of useful minerals and gauge minerals strengthened by the reaction of flotation reagents and different minerals in a flotation tank. The gas tube is equipped central to the principal axis o the XFD single tank flotation cell, with one end connected with an atmosphere that an air valve is used to adjust inflation volume and the other end connected with the center of the impeller. When the flotation cell works, the impeller rotates driven by the motor and triangular belt, during which reagents are completely dispersed and a slurry is gathered in the center to form negative pressure. With the negative pressure, air and slurry are inflated and mixed entirely. The air is carved up by the rapidly-rotating impeller into smaller s dispersing in the slurry. Those mineral particles with higher hydrophobicity will attach to the surface of the foam and rise with the foam up to the slurry level. After that, a great number of foams will form a foam layer in the tank. The downward movement of water flow caused by the fusion or crack between the foams scours the surface of lower foams, during which the particles with higher hydrophobicity are washed away and come back again to the slurry. Such a process is called secondary enrichment, increasing the grade of flotation products to some extent. Lastly, the separation process is finished after the foam layer rises to a certain height and then scrapped out.

XFD single tank flotation cell is a kind of air-inflation mechanical agitation flotation, with functions of air inflation, slurry inflation, and flotation together. Meanwhile, the circular flow of internal slurry makes it more possible for the contact of particles and foams, ensuring full recycle of useful minerals.

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