Ball Mill Rubber Liner’s Application in Mine

Ball Mill Rubber Liner’s Application in Mine

2015-10-28 XinHai Views (970)

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Ball mill liner can be divided into high manganese steel liner, rubber liner, and alloy liner. Conventional ball mill liner has disadvantages like short service life, complex replacement, etc. However, rubber liner has long service life and it is easy to install. More and more concentrator choose it and its application in mines is becoming more and more widely.

Ball mill rubber liner is particularly suited mines that contain acidic ore. Acidity minerals such as pyrite, in the process of crushing and grinding, react with oxygen and water and generate sulfuric acid. The metal liner will be corroded by sulfuric acid and this will shorten its service life and replacement cycle, leading to the mill’s operation efficiency being reduced and affect the normal mine production. Rubber liner has characteristics of acid resistance and abrasion resistance which can improve the mill’s operation rate and reduce the grinding cost.

Ball mill rubber liner is widely used in all kinds of wet grinding mines. Its advantages include light weight, wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, long service life, low energy consumption and steel consumption, etc., therefore, ball mill rubber liner has extensive application and basically can be used in all kinds of mines. However, rubber liner is generally not used in dry grinding because the temperature of the material and the shell rises continuously and rubber liner can’t stand high temperature. Therefore, generally ball mill rubber liner is not used in dry grinding.

Xinhai has obtained eight patents in the rubber industry. Its ball mill rubber liner can extend the replacement cycle, improve the operation efficiency, save energy consumption and steel consumption. At present, more than two hundred concentrators use its ball mill rubber liner, and give consistent high praise. Xinhai is your priority choice.

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