Xinhai Copper Flotation Process Cell -Only to Create Surprises

Xinhai Copper Flotation Process Cell -Only to Create Surprises

2015-10-22 XinHai Views (1237)

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China is one of a richer copper reserves countries in the world, because of the increased development and utilization of copper mines, the demand to the flotation process cell also increased, which increases the flotation process cell prices. The following contents will briefly introduce the flotation cell.

There are kinds of Xinhai mining flotation cells, such as the SF mechanical flotation tank impeller with the backward double side blades, which the pulp can be double looped in the flotation tank. The larger gap between the impeller and the cover enable the device intake more areas which greatly reduces the energy consumption. The forward design of the tank, the small corner, can faster the bubble velocity speed and achieve the self-suction and self-absorption pulp. The SF mechanical flotation process cell can combine with the JJF mechanical flotation process cell to constitute the flotation unit. The SF flotation process cell can be used as a suction unit in the slurry tank. This copper flotation process cell price is much higher, and it is suitable for the large and medium-sized flotation plant rougher and scavenging operations.

The gap of the JJF mechanical flotation process cell impeller and the stator is bigger which enable the pulp mix and disperse with the air easier. Stator height is lower than the impeller height, so the pulp circulation amount is increased significantly. More than 2.5 times that of the conventional flotation cell, and therefore more mineralized for the pulps, agents, and bubbles. When working together with the above-mentioned SF mechanical flotation cell, SF flotation process cell for each process is used as a slurry suction tank and JJF type is used as the DC slot. JJF mechanical flotation process cell can achieve area-self-getter, but cannot achieve pulp self-absorption. When working, it needs the stepped configuration and the gap between them is general 300-40mm. This copper flotation process cells affordable. It can be applied with separating the black metal and non-metallic minerals. And it is mainly used in the large and medium-sized flotation plants for rougher and scavenging operations.

Xinhai gives customer greatest benefits of the copper flotation cell, the equipment is good quality and low energy consumption which wins the praises of customers.