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Gold Flotation Process Price-Invest for Exceeding Output

2015-10-22 XinHai Views (992)

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Xinhai produced flotation cells charactered by high flotation efficiency and energy saving features. They produce a broad range of flotation processes, including the air-inflation flotation cell, inflatable mechanical agitation flotation cell, and self-absorption air mechanical agitation flotation cell. Of which, you can use the XJ mechanical agitation flotation cell and GF mechanical agitation flotation cell to float gold. Xinhai mining process company will briefly introduce the gold flotation process prices for you.

When the XJ mechanical gold flotation process at work, ore slurry passes through the tube into the center of the cover, under the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller, pulps are thrown outwardly, at the same time, due to the negative pressure formed by the impeller and the cover, the intake pipe automatic intake air, the intense stirring impeller makes pulp mixed with air successfully and divided into many small bubbles by the air flow. Mineralization bubbles rise to the foam layer to be the foam products, under scraper scraped action. The price of gold flotation process is in accordance with their different model specifications, mainly for small and medium rougher flotation plant, sweep election and anti-flotation operations.

GF mechanical flotation process is mainly applied to sort coarse-grained materials, material size range 0.074mm accounted for 45% -98%, pulp density should be less than 45%, self-absorption amount of air can be up to 1.2m3 / (m2-min). It is able to inhale sufficient amount of pulp and air too, so the impeller and the stator can have long service life. Therefore, this type of gold flotation process is more expensive than the same type and size of the flotation process. In practical application, the economic benefits of flotation process have been far exceeded the investment in equipment. It called the ultra value for money.

Xinhai mining process company is committed to providing customers with advanced and practical technology, energy-efficient equipment and excellent services. They are dedicated for creating huge benefits for modern mining enterprises.