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Four Common Problems of Circular Vibrating Screen And Their Measures

2020-10-12 XinHai Views (187)

The vibrating screen is a very important auxiliary equipment in the mine production, which will directly affect the normal operation of the production line if the vibrating screen fails. As a common type of vibrating screen, what are common problems of the circular vibrating screen (also known as the round vibrating screen) in the daily operation? And how can we solve them? This paper analyzes the causes of five common problems of circular vibrating screen and puts forward countermeasures.

The common eight failures of the press filter machine and their solutions!

2021-06-17 XinHai Views (7)

Press filter machine is a kind of filtration equipment for the solid-liquid separation of all kinds of suspension, which is often used in the concentrate and tailings dehydration of concentrators.So, what are the common failures of the press filter machine in the daily operation? And how should we solve them?

Guide of eight installation and commissioning links and eleven daily maintenance points of the mechanical stirring froth flotation equipment

2021-06-03 XinHai Views (32)

Below, we will share with you the eight installation and commissioning links and eleven daily maintenance points of the mechanical stirring froth flotation equipment, effectively helping you to the correctly install and use the flotation machine.

Three common problems of efficient thickener and their solutions!

2021-05-31 XinHai Views (29)

The thickener is a solid-liquid separation equipment based on the gravity sedimentation, and is also a thickening equipment commonly used in the concentrators. We will take you to understand three common thickening equipment problems, analyze their causes in detail and give the corresponding solutions.

How to configure the steel ball of the gold ball mill?

2021-05-14 XinHai Views (47)

The steel ball is the grinding media of the gold ball mill. In the working process, the steel ball will directly affect the grinding efficiency of the gold ball mill and even the working efficiency and product quality of the whole concentrator.

Ultimate Guide of Mine Tailings Dewatering Machine

2021-04-28 XinHai Views (57)

At present, the commonly used tailings dewatering machine mainly includes dewatering hydrocyclone, efficient deep cone thickener, efficient improved thickener, high frequency dewatering screen, filter.

What Factors Affect the Working Efficiency of the Hydrocyclone Separator?

2021-04-19 XinHai Views (77)

The hydrocyclone separator is an effective mineral processing equipment for ore classification.In the production, the factors affecting the working efficiency of the hydrocyclone separator mainly include ore properties, equipment structure and technological operation.