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Four Common Problems of Circular Vibrating Screen And Their Measures

2020-10-12 XinHai Views (297)

The vibrating screen is a very important auxiliary equipment in the mine production, which will directly affect the normal operation of the production line if the vibrating screen fails. As a common type of vibrating screen, what are common problems of the circular vibrating screen (also known as the round vibrating screen) in the daily operation? And how can we solve them? This paper analyzes the causes of five common problems of circular vibrating screen and puts forward countermeasures.

Seven methods to effectively improve the classifying efficiency of spiral classifier machine

2021-12-31 XinHai Views (15)

In production, many concentrators more or less encounter the problem that the classifying efficiency of spiral classifier machine decreases significantly, so how to effectively improve the classifying efficiency of the spiral classifier machine?

How to improve the filtration and dehydration effect of the filter press machine?

2021-12-30 XinHai Views (42)

The filter dewatering effect of the filter press is mainly related to the slurry properties, filter cake, pressure difference, and the vacuum degree on both sides of the filter medium and the filter medium. Below, take you to understand how to effectively improve the filtration and dehydration effect of filter press machine from the above aspects.

How to Maintain Our Ball Mill Grinder in the Winter?

2021-12-01 XinHai Views (35)

As we all know, the ball mill grinder undertakes the grinding operation of the whole concentrator. Recently, many customers have consulted the daily maintenance of the ball mill grinder in winter due to the sudden drop in air temperature.

The main bearing temperature of the wet overflow type ball mill is too high? These problems may exist!

2021-11-19 XinHai Views (63)

In daily production, it is a common phenomenon that the main bearing of the overflow type ball mill heats up, but if the temperature is too high, it is likely to cause the main bearing of the ball mill to burn. So, what are the reasons that cause the bearing temperature to be too high? Let us understand together.

Four common problems of mechanical flotation cell and their solutions!

2021-11-02 XinHai Views (53)

In the flotation process, the common failures of mechanical flotation cell mainly include failure of stirring mechanism, failure of scraper mechanism, failure of tank and failure of gate.Below, take you to understand these four common flotation machine problems, analyze their causes and give the corresponding solutions.

Three reasons for gear wear in the rod mill machine and their solutions

2021-10-02 XinHai Views (71)

In fact, wear is inevitable in the process of rod mill machine operation. Its wear mechanisms are different, and the corresponding solutions are not the same. Let's know the reasons and solutions for gear wear of rod mill machine.