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  • Three Aspects to Improve Flotation Recovery Rate of Quartz-Type Gold Mine

    Flotation is often used as the main beneficiation method of the low-sulfur quartz gold mine. For this kind of gold-containing minerals, they usually have the characteristics of uneven granularity, complex symbiotic relationship between gold minerals and pyrite, which causes some difficulties to select other gold minerals. Gold minerals, as a common precious metal, are very concerned about the recovery rate. Therefore, how to select the quartz gold mine to improve the recovery of gold minerals has become a wide concern.

  • Three Beneficiation Methods of Lead-Zinc Sulfide and Silver Polymetallic Ore

    With the rapid development of economy, the demand for lead, zinc and silver metals is increasing. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the comprehensive utilization of lead, zinc and silver mineral resources. This paper introduces two common beneficiation methods of polymetallic ore: flotation method and flotation-magnetic separation method.

  • Three Different Mineral Processing Technologies for Single Copper Sulfide Ore

    Copper ore in nature can be divided into porphyry copper ore, sandstone type copper ore, copper-nickel sulfide type, pyrite and so on. Different types of copper ore use different mineral processing technologies. This article will introduce three different mineral processing technologies for treating single copper sulfide ore, namely: two-stage grinding + two-stage flotation process, one-stage grinding + flotation coarse concentrate regrinding process, and one-stage grinding process + flotation process.

  • 【Case】Mongolia 2 Million TPA Gold Ore Processing Plant Project

    Mongolia is located in Northeast Asia, and is closely connected to my country in the east, south and west, with a border line of 4,710 kilometers. Mongolia has a complex geological structure and rich mineral resources. The reserves of gold, coal and copper mines are among the top in the world, with high mining value and great development potential. Recently, the Mongolian 2 million TPA gold ore processing plant built by Xinhai was officially put into production. The whole processing plant adopts Xinhai customized "whole mining industry chain service (EPC+M+O)". The successful operation of the project further expands the brand influence of Xinhai in Mongolia, and consolidates the development road of Xinhai in the Mongolian mining market.

  • 5 Ways to Improve Recovery Rate of Spodumene Ore Beneficiation

    With the wide application of lithium batteries and lithium carbonate, downstream enterprises have an increasing demand for raw materials of lithium concentrate. In order to meet the needs of enterprises, improving the recovery rate of concentrate in ore is one of the main ways to solve this problem. There are various methods for spodumene ore beneficiation. This article mainly introduces five ways to improve spodumene ore flotation efficiency and concentrate recovery rate. , Dosing in sections, increase the aeration strength of the flotation machine, reduce the flotation acceleration and stirring strength.

  • 4 Kinds of Fluorite Mineral Flotation Techniques

    Fluorite concentrate is particularly widely used, adding sulfuric acid to make hydrofluoric acid is used in the chemical industry. The missile industry, aviation industry and motor industry will all be applied to hydrofluoric acid made from fluorite concentrate. In order to meet the major industrial demand, it is imperative to improve the utilization rate of fluorite raw materials. In the beneficiation industry, fluorite ore generally adopts flotation method to select concentrate. The following article details you about the different types of fluorite mineral flotation techniques.

  • 3Kinds of Ilmenite Mineral Dressing Technologies

    Titanium is one of the important metals used in industrial production, national defense and daily life, and the production of its raw materials has also received extensive attention and attention. Among them, ilmenite, the main source of titanium resources, strengthening its sorting and recycling is one of the key measures to improve the production capacity of titanium raw materials. This article will introduce three kinds of ilmenite mineral dressing technologies, namely ilmenite gravity separation process, strong magnetic-gravity separation process and strong magnetic-flotation process.

  • Spodumene Flotation Technique and Agents

    Lithium ore mainly contains spodude pyroxene, lithium mica, lithium permeable feldspar and lithium phosphate alumina stone. Spodumene is a wide range of lithium minerals, which has the characteristics of large reserves and wide distribution. Spodumene is often accompanied by quartz and feldspar, so the flotation method is often used to separate and enrich the spodumene concentrate. This paper mainly introduces the flotation technique and the flotation agent used.

  • Four Common Ilmenite Mineral Dressing Methods

    Titanium is an important metal, with good plasticity and high specific strength, which has great significance in multiple fields. The main source of titanium resources is ilmenite, so the development and utilization of ilmenite is very important. The beneficiation methods of ilmenite mainly include reseparation, magnetic separation, flotation, combined beneficiation and so on. In this paper, we will introduce the mineral dressing method of ilmenite to help you solve the problem of ilmenite ore.

  • Hebei 2000TPD Iron Ore Concentrate Desulfurization Ore Dressing Plant

    Recently, the 2000TPD iron concentrate desulfurization plant was successfully completed. From the early stage of the project to the determination of the beneficiation scheme process and the final implementation of the beneficiation project, Xinhai adheres to the customer-first service attitude and adheres to the service concept of "what you need what we can do" to help customers build a high-quality mineral processing project.

  • 4 Major Aspects in Calcite-Barite-Fluorite Type Fluorite Mineral Processing

    As an important non-metallic mineral resource, fluorite is widely used. With the deepening of the development degree, the development of the associated fluorite mine is becoming more and more important. Among them, several minerals of calcite-barite-fluorite fluorite ore are similar, and the embedded granularity is generally fine, which belongs to a relatively difficult fluorite mine, so the flotation method is commonly used.

  • Four Common Antimony Gold Flotation Process

    In antimony-bearing gold ores, the main target minerals are stibnite, natural gold, pyrite, arsenopyrite, etc. Pyrite and arsenopyrite are the main gold-carrying minerals. Some stibnite also contains gold, arsenopyrite and pyrite containing arsenic. Because the gold in the antimony-bearing gold ore is embedded in fine grains, the stibnite consumes cyanide and oxygen, so the flotation method is often used for recovery.