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  • What Are Mineral Beneficiation Processes for Spodumene and Lidumica?

    With the rapid rise of new energy sources, lithium is an important raw material for energy supply, and lithium ore resources have been pushed to the development boom. The common lithium resources are mainly pegmatite-type lithium and brine lithium. Among them, the development of brine lithium is difficult, and most of them are mainly pegmatite type. The pegmatite-type lithium ore resources can be divided into spodumene, lepidolite, lepidolite, lepidolite and lepidolite. However, lithium can be extracted by technical means mainly spodumene and lepidolite.

  • 5 Factors Affecting Gold Extraction Efficiency by Cyanide

    When the all-slime cyanidation method is used to treat gold ore with a high degree of oxidation, there are many influencing factors. Among them, there are main five factors. They are the grinding particle size, the amount of sodium cyanide, the amount of lime, the concentration of leaching pulp and the leaching time. From the article, you can know the effects of these five factors on the gold extraction efficiency with finely embedded and encapsulated natural gold by cyanidation.

  • What Is Pegmatite-Type Lithium Mineral Flotation Process?

    Pegmatite-type lithium ore is an important resource of lithium material. In pegmatite spodumene deposits, spodumene can coexist with silicate minerals such as feldspar, quartz and chlorinolite. These minerals have similar surface physicochemical properties and are more difficult to separate. Flotation is a common method for separating pegmatite spodumene.

  • Detailed Molybdenum Production Process

    Molybdenum is a metal element discovered later. As an important metal resource, it has the advantages of high strength, high melting point, corrosion resistance and grinding resistance. Molybdenum metal is widely used in industrial fields. As a result, the demand for molybdenum metal is also increasing. Obtaining high-quality molybdenum concentrates has long been a focus of concentrators. In this article, Xinhai will introduce a detailed molybdenum production process for you.

  • 4 Copper-Nickel Flotation Beneficiation Process Flows

    Generally, nickel ore can be divided into copper-nickel sulfide ore and nickel oxide ore. The following will mainly introduce the beneficiation process of copper-nickel ore after pretreatment. Based on the properties of copper-nickel ore, the commonly used beneficiation method is flotation.

  • What Is Complete Nickel Processing Flow?

    As an important non-ferrous metal raw material, nickel is widely used in the manufacture of stainless steel, high nickel alloy steel, etc. In order to obtain high-grade nickel concentrate raw materials, the selection of its beneficiation process is particularly important. This article will introduce you to a common nickel ore beneficiation process. This nickel processing flow can be divided into three parts: crushing and screening operations, grinding and classification operations, and flotation separation operations.

  • Three Main Points of Flotation Separation Operation

    The flotation separation operation mainly includes the control of the medium ore circulation, the judgment of the flotation foam properties change, and the adjustment of the Inflation volume and the slurry level. Xinhai will teach you to master the flotation separation operation from these three aspects.

  • What Is Quartz Extraction Process?

    This article will take you to understand the raw material quartz exaction technology and related production equipment. At present, quartz sand extraction can be divided into three categories: physical extraction, chemical extraction, and microbial extraction.

  • Three High-Efficiency Lithium Ore Beneficiation Technology

    With the continuous adjustment of the energy structure and the successive introduction of subsidy policies in various countries, new energy vehicles have shown a blowout development. As the core material of new energy batteries, lithium resources are in strong demand and prices have been rising. The supply of upstream lithium resources has also become the focus of attention.

  • What Is Spodumene Mineral Processing Flow?

    In recent years, with the sharp increase in the demand for cathode materials for new energy vehicles, the price of spodumene concentrate has risen, and many lithium ore concentrators have begun to expand the production of lithium resources. In order to rationally develop and utilize lithium ore resources, it is particularly important to select the appropriate and correct spodumene mineral separation process.

  • What Is Lead-Zinc Mineral Beneficiation Process Flow?

    Lead-zinc ore has complex structure and more poor ore, which belongs to the more difficult to mine. In the mining process, a reasonable process should be formulated according to the specific ore properties to achieve the expected economic benefits. The general lead-zinc mineral beneficiation process is divided into four stages: crushing and screening stage —— grinding stage —— selection stage (flotation) —— concentration and dehydration stage. Next, we will introduce the specific process flow.

  • What Are Spodumene Flotation Reagents and How to Choose?

    Lithium is known as "the new energy metal of the 21st century". Today, the demand for lithium resources is still increasing. Lithium is currently mainly derived from lithium ore. The main lithium-containing minerals in lithium ore are spodumene, lepidolite, lepidolite, lepidolite and lepidolite. Among them, spodumene is an important lithium mineral resource.