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Fluorite Flotation Collectors and Regulators

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With the continuous development and utilization of fluorite resources and the continuous development of industry, the market demand for fluorite resources has gradually increased. Improving the efficiency of fluorite beneficiation is one of the main ways to solve this problem. At present, the ore dressing plant mainly uses flotation to recover fluorite minerals to purify fluorite. Fluorite flotation has good effect and high concentrate recovery rate, and can obtain fluorite concentrate with high purity. During fluorite ore flotation, improving and improving the fluorite flotation effect mainly depends on flotation collectors and adjusters. The following article will introduce you to the types of collectors and adjusters used for fluorite flotation recovery, to help you better understand the fluorite flotation process.

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01Fluorite flotation collector

The types of collectors commonly used in fluorite flotation are mainly fatty acid collectors and mixed collectors.

Fatty acid collectors: mainly used for the collection of oxidized ores. This type of collector has the advantages of strong collection ability and good selectivity, but it should be noted that the solubility and dispersibility of fatty acid collectors are not good. At present, oleic acid agents are often used to collect fluorite at home and abroad. The types of oleic acid include industrial oleic acid, vegetable oleic acid and animal oleic acid. After comparison, vegetable oleic acid is used to collect fluorite, modified water glass and HS combined inhibitors are used to inhibit silica and calcium carbonate, and the flotation process of one roughing, one sweeping and three fines is adopted, which can greatly improve the recovery rate of concentrate.

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Mixed collector: Add oxidized paraffin soap and sodium petroleum sulfonate in a certain proportion to collect fluorite, which can comprehensively recover fluorite from rare earth, iron and fluorite. Water glass and sodium carbonate are used as inhibitors and regulators to roughly select fluorite when the pH value of the pulp is 9. Desliming after roughing and then fine selection can remove most of the iron minerals at one time. Adjust the pH value of the pulp to 9.5, and reverse flotation of fluorite ore to remove barite and carbonate minerals. Add alum and water glass to the pulp to adjust the pH value, and then select to obtain qualified fluorite concentrate products.

New collector: Because oleic acid has the disadvantages of high price, poor selectivity, and poor low temperature resistance, it is necessary to determine a new collector with suitable price, good selectivity and good low temperature resistance to replace oleic acid based on mineral processing tests.

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02Fluorite flotation regulator

1. Water glass, the most commonly used adjuster for fluorite flotation, has a good selective inhibitory effect on quartz and silicate minerals.

2. Tannic acid (baked gum) is mainly used to inhibit calcium and magnesium minerals.

3. A10 mixed depressant is a polyhydrogen compound with the advantages of non-toxicity, odorlessness, easy solubility and reasonable price. It can effectively inhibit quartz, iron calcite, limonite and other minerals. It can achieve better results when mixed with water glass.

4. Mixed adjuster´╝ÜCombination depressants are widely used in fluorite flotation. In fluorite flotation, the main combination is water glass and other agents. The various depressants of the combined depressant can complement each other and have a synergistic effect. It can not only disperse the pulp adjustment and fine particles, but also enhance the inhibitory ability of these minerals.

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The above is a brief introduction to fluorite flotation reagents. The specific reagent system should be selected based on the flotation process and ore characteristics. In terms of fluorite technology, it has developed from single grinding and separation in the past to stage grinding and coarse concentrate regrinding and separation. In order to improve the quality of the concentrate and increase the number of selections in the past fluorite flotation process, the current improved fluorspar flotation process returns the selected tailings to the roughing operation. The branched flotation process has a significant effect on reducing the silicon content of fluorspar concentrate. In actual production, the flotation process of fluorspar ore still needs to be selected and customized according to the characteristics of the ore and production needs, so as to improve the flotation recovery index of fluorspar ore and maximize economic benefits.

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