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Flotation Technology of Different Associated Fluorite Mineral

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Affected by the ore type, the nature of the raw ore, and the quality requirements of the concentrate, the separation methods of fluorite mineral mainly include hand separation, gravity separation, and flotation. Depending on the type of ore, the specific process type selected is also different. Because fluorite is brittle, easily broken, non-magnetic, and has a small density difference with other gangue minerals, flotation technology is one of the methods often used in fluorite mines. Fluorite ore is easy to float, and the type of collector commonly used is fatty acid anion collector. The single type fluorite ore flotation method is relatively simple, while the associated type fluorite ore flotation method is more complicated. According to the associated main gangue minerals, it can be divided into: quartz-fluorite ore, sulfide ore-fluorite ore, carbonate-fluorite ore and barite-fluorite ore. The following mainly introduces the flotation technology of these associated fluorite minerals.


01Quartz-fluorite mineral flotation technology

The mineral composition of quartz-fluorite ore mainly includes fluorite and quartz, with a small amount of calcite, barite and sulfide.

When flotation quartz-fluorite ore, the method of coarse concentrate regrinding and multiple beneficiation is often used. Sodium carbonate is used as a pH regulator during flotation, and the flotation efficiency can be improved by adjusting the pH of the ore pulp to about 9. At the same time, sodium carbonate can also soften the water quality and prevent the metal cations in the water from activating the gangue minerals such as quartz. In addition, water glass can be used to suppress silicate gangue minerals.


02Sulfide -fluorite mineral flotation technology

The sulfide ores in this associated fluorite mineral mainly refer to galena and sphalerite. When flotation sulfide ore-type fluorite ore, collectors are generally used to float metal sulfide minerals first, and then fluorite is collected from flotation tailings. During flotation, the method adopted is to preferentially flotation sulfide ore, then coarsely select fluorite, then grind medium ore, and select fluorite concentrate several times.

03Carbonate-fluorite mineral flotation technology

The main gangue mineral of this kind of fluorite ore is calcite, which belongs to calcium-containing minerals, and fatty acid collectors have a strong adsorption effect on it. The inhibitors often used in flotation mainly include starch, tannin extract, sodium hexametaphosphate, tannic acid, and acidified water glass.


04Barite-fluorite mineral flotation technology

The flotation technology of barite-fluorite ore is mainly divided into two categories: the first is mixed flotation, which first uses fatty acid collectors to flotation to obtain fluorite and barite concentrate, and then fluorite and barite concentrate The ore is separated from the concentrate by flotation. The second is preferential flotation, which suppresses barite to float out fluorite first or suppresses fluorite to float barite first. During flotation, citric acid can be used as the fluorite inhibitor, and salt inhibitors containing aluminum ions and iron ions can be used as the barite inhibitor.


In summary, the conditions for fluorite mineral flotation include: softened water, pH regulator, slurry pH adjustment, collector and inhibitor selection. The flotation process of fluorite mineral often adopts a process such as stage grinding, stage beneficiation, and multiple concentrating. The specific fluorite mineral beneficiation process should be selected according to the characteristics of the ore and the production requirements of the beneficiation plant. Xinhai Mining can provide customized fluorspar beneficiation solutions, beneficiation equipment production, installation, and commissioning services according to customer needs, helping customers improve the utilization rate of ore resources and economic benefits.

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