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4 Kinds of Separation Processes for Extracting Sulphide Ore of Copper

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Copper in nature can be divided into three types: natural copper, copper oxide and copper sulfide, among which copper sulfide is an important and common copper resource. As the sulphide ore of copper ore beneficiation gradually presents the characteristics of lean, fine, miscellaneous, etc., improving the beneficiation technology of copper sulfide ore has become the focus of the concentrator. With the continuous development of technology, at present, the concentrator has a variety of separation technologies for copper sulfide ore, namely: rapid step-by-step priority flotation process, low alkalinity flotation process, and polymetallic copper ore flotation process. The beneficiation process of copper sulfide ore will be introduced in detail below.


01Rapid step-by-step priority flotation process for copper sulfide ore

The development of the step-by-step rapid flotation process is mainly driven by the concept of "fast harvest, early harvest". Step-by-step priority flotation process: the raw ore enters a stage of grinding process after being crushed and screened, and the products after grinding enter the flotation machine for sorting, using selective collectors, which can be recycled preferentially isolated copper-gold minerals. Under the condition of low alkalinity, the ore goes through two beneficiation classes to obtain higher-grade copper concentrate. For copper-gold mine tailings, chemicals with strong collection ability are added to the slurry to mix and float copper and sulfur, and then the regrinding process can separate copper and sulfur. This process can effectively improve the grade and recovery rate of the concentrate, and has a significant effect of "fast harvest and early harvest".


02Low Alkalinity Flotation Process of Copper Sulfide Ore

The flotation of copper sulfide ore is traditionally carried out under high alkalinity conditions. Sulfur in high alkalinity pulp is strongly suppressed. The use of low-alkalinity copper sulfide ore flotation process can reduce the amount of lime used, and the sorting of sulfur after separation does not require activation, eliminating the use of subsequent activators and reducing the overall use of chemicals. The low-alkalinity flotation process can be beneficial to the recovery of associated precious metals, and at the same time, this process reduces the scaling problem of slurry storage equipment and pipelines.

03Flotation Technology of Polymetallic Copper Sulfide Ore

The number of single copper sulfide ores is small, and generally copper ores are accompanied by precious metals such as gold, silver, lead and zinc, and non-ferrous metals. Therefore, when selecting such copper ores, the recovery of valuable components is also very important. The sorting methods of this kind of copper sulfide ore mainly include priority flotation process, mixed flotation and separation process and combined process of priority and mixed flotation.


04Other Beneficiation Processes of Copper Sulfide Ore

Due to the complex and various types of ores, the beneficiation process of some copper sulfide ores is relatively special. When a copper-molybdenum mixed concentrate with high copper and low molybdenum is processed, it is first roasted and then subjected to the second-stage ammonia leaching process. After ammonia leaching, the ore is extracted. , stripping, copper electrowinning and molybdenum precipitation with nitrate. A copper sulfide ore with high floating silicon content was treated by weak magnetic separation to separate pyrite, and then mixed flotation to extract copper and silicon. With the development of science and technology, the technology of leaching and extracting useful metals from ores by microorganisms or their metabolites has been gradually applied to mineral processing plants.


The above-mentioned copper sulfide ore separation process should be selected according to the specific composition and characteristics of the ore, so Xinhai Mining recommends that the ore composition analysis be carried out before determining the beneficiation process. Xinhai Mining can provide you with accurate beneficiation test results, and design the beneficiation process of copper sulfide ore according to the test results. We can also provide a complete set of copper ore beneficiation equipment manufacturing, transportation, installation and commissioning. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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