Mapping Brief Introduction of Poor Iron Ore Mining Process

Mapping Brief Introduction of Poor Iron Ore Mining Process

2016-03-10 XinHai Views (1096)

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In iron ore design process, according to the ore grade difference, iron ore mining process mapping also have a different character. Follows are the brief introduction of poor iron ore mining process mapping.

Before mapping, we should have an investigation about the iron ore mine structure. When we do the research, we should notice the research detail degree and the research about the ore and the complex ore structure and mine types. Although there is some criticism towards the detailed degree, it is necessary. Because all those criticism can judge the ore and stone natural distribution and the effect upon the raw material compose in an objective way. In the early research, the bearing bed has 35 kinds of mine and surrounding rocks. After the research about the mine and rock distribution, formation conditions, mining components, chemical components and structure-formation characters, the type decrease to 26. According to mining components and formation conditions, we formulate the mining-causes classifications, the iron ore mining deposit includes four mining group: metamorphism, exposure-response interaction, metasomatism, brecciated role.

According to some standard, in geological-tectonic underlay map, circle the distribution and tendencies of mine and mining-structure, and compiled the mining- geological plans and sections. As there are many standards, we need the whole mining components data and even some scattered date in a geological library. The next stage is to get a sample of all kinds of ores and investigate the ore magnetic, physical-mechanical and process characters. At the same time, we investigate the rock chemical and structure-mine. By the mathematical statistics, we find out the relationship between mining process index and the structure-mine indexes, clear the partition standard of ore grade and sub-grade, make the mine-process classification. Except for the ore, the five grade also has different components poor ore in gold ore because of the structure.

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