New Development on How is Phosphate Mined

New Development on How is Phosphate Mined

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How is Phosphorite mined? Since phosphorite ore dressing technology is developing constantly. Traditional phosphorite ore dressing technologies include Scrubbing-desliming technology, gravity separation technology, flotation technology, gravity-magnetic-flotation separating technology and baking technology. Scholars keep researching on how phosphate mined and this question have developed a new level in recent years, such as microbial treatment method, dry electrical separation, magnetic coating method and selective flocculation method.

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011.Microbial Treatment Method

How is Phosphorite mined?  Phosphorite is one of the main element involved in metabolic reactions for creatures. Some microorganisms, including aspergillus, bacillus subtilis, and thiobacillus ferrooxidans, can turn insoluble phosporite into dissoluble phosphorite that plants can absorb. This kind of simple and cost-effective phosphorite ore dressing technonlogy can process the low-grade ore with complicated composition. However, it takes more time to finish leaching process and has a low capacity.

022.Dry Electrical Method

How is Phosphorite mined? A dry electrical method is a new way to enrich low-grade phosphorite ore. It can process ores with low selectable grade, complicated properties, and dissemination size, and it can obtain high-grade concentrates with high recovery rate. However, dry electrical method has a greater demand for the material moisture content. So it is necessary to carry out drying treatment, which consumes much energy.

033.Magnetic Coating Method

How is Phosphorite mined?  Selective magnetic coating method can be used to successfully separate calcite, dolomite, and phosphorite. But this kind of phosphorite ore-dressing method just remains at lab level without actual industrial application.

044.Selective Flocculation Method

How is Phosphorite mined?  In selective flocculation method, flocculants and dispersants are used to achieve flocculation of the fine phosphorite and dispersion of gauge minerals of calcite first and collectors to separate phosphates then. This method can effectively recover the fine phosphorite ore. But it has not been put to industrial use.

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