The Examples of hematite Flotation at Home and Abroad

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The technology of hematite flotation is very important to the hematite beneficiation process. This essay will set examples to introduce the hematite flotation or separation process of a foreign mine hoping that it will have an effect on the hematite flotation in China.

The hematite abroad is open-pit planning to produce 250,000 tons of concentration. The first hematite flotation or processing system of this concentrator makes the design by the processing of petroleum sulfonate-acidic pump. As the great effect of using the fatty pharmacy, this concentrator began to produce the concentration by the fatty pharmacy. In the early stage, they use the marked fatty acid which contains the 4% palmitic acid, 5% stearic acid, 80% oleic acid, 10% linoleic acid and 1% linolenic acid. But soon the problem of piecewise pumping foam is increasingly evident. Although the power of pump is increased, it is difficult to break the amount of toughness foam produced by the red camphor oil. Increasing the number of pump will be better. Of course, there are a series of other problems of hematite separation that are a kind of red deposit will be produced between the pump tank and pipeline. These red camphor oils must be cleared timely.

The result of analyzing the deposit shows that they are saturated fatty acids salts and unsaturated fatty acid salts of the hematite beneficiation process. During the trial production period, the lab process continues to be carried out. The result shows that the kind of pharmacy is suitable for the hematite separation and the oleic acid has better selectivity than linoleic acid. While the linoleic acid has better collector performance than oleic acid. We also find when the ph of the flotation ore reduces to about 5.6, the hematite flotation effect of linoleic acid is similar to that of the oleic acid. And also the results show that the cold water is not beneficial to the flotation or separation. In the cold season, the damage of the mud and the pharmacy is large. When the temperature is low, the hardness of the water will improve which will reduce the dispersion degree of the fatty acid. Fortunately, the hardness of water suitable for the plant is low which has no effect on the flotation. And the improvement of the process is limited in the summer and winter. The study of this concentrator shows that heating in the process of string the slurry will improve the efficiency of the flotation or separation. But the obtained effectiveness of the improvement of ore separation cannot offset the costs of heating.

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