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What Magnetite Separating Machine Does Xinhai Have?

2015-12-03 XinHai Views (1066)

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Xinhai is a famous factory producing magnetite separating machine at home and abroad. What kind of magnetite separating machine does Xinhai have?

There are many kinds of magnetite separating machines in Xinhai, such as all kinds of XJ mechanical agitation flotation cell, all kinds of air-inflation flotation cell and cyclonic micro bubble flotation cell and so on. They have many advantages of magnetite separating machines such as energy-saving, high efficiency and fine performance. Among which the cyclonic micro bubble flotation cell is suitable for the flotation process of fine coal mineral or metal minerals with the particle size below 0.5mm. The feature of this equipment is combining the principles of the flotation separation and the gravity separation to achieve the ” one machine with three” which means the roughing, scavenging and concentration will be carried out together in the same flotation process. It has many advantages of magnetite separating machines such as a large amount of treatment, high recovery rate, good process index, little pollution to the minerals and small ash in running. The sales of magnetite separating machine are very good and the person who uses them also say it is good.

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