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The Common Separating Tables for Gold Ore

2015-12-03 XinHai Views (1221)

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The gold separating method for gravelmine is formed by gold separation of gold pretasking and gold separating work. The gold pretasking is composed by gold separation procedures such as gold crushing and gold screening. By pretasking, gold separation machines separate the ore grains with gold and clay mineral. Screening is to screen the coarse grains.

After the pretasking, the gold will pass the jigger, chute, gold separation table. and other gold separation equipment for enrichment.

Gravel mine refers that when the primary gold is exposed to the air and experiences the weathering under the effect of water and atmosphere, it makes the ores with gold crush gradually into gold grains and rock debris. With the carry of an external force, the grains with big proportion get enriched in the hillside, bed, lakes, and coast. When the sediment processes the development value, it turns into gravelmine.

In terms of gold separating methods and gold separating equipment, many enterprises providing gold separating table in China have been on the leading edge of the world, like Xinhai. Based on the rich practice of large gold ore projects both home and abroad, those enterprises have been constantly improving gold separation equipment and technology so as to keep themselves in the advanced level.

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