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Vanadium Titano-Magnetite Beneficiation Equipmnent

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According to the magnetic property of ore, vanadium titano magnetite belongs to the ferromagnetic ore. During the process of separation, weak magnetic field beneficiation equipment should be adopted. Xinhai provides many kinds of weak magnetic field beneficiation equipment, various specifications. The main equipment is an eccentric layout rotation magnetic system dry separator, permanent magnetic cylindrical magnetic separator, and permanent magnetic roller. Among that vanadium titano magnetite beneficiation equipment, the permanent magnetic cylindrical magnetic separator will be introduced briefly.


The permanent magnetic cylindrical magnetic separator is classified into down flow type, counter-flow, and semi counter-flow, according to different groove structures. For different vanadium titano magnetite beneficiation dressings, Xinhai designs various specifications of the permanent magnetic cylindrical magnetic separator. Among those, CTBY permanent cylindrical magnetic separator is for preconcentration and is suitable for wet preconcentration of magnetite before entering grinding mills after fine crushing, and the selected particle size should be less than 10mm. CTBC permanent cylindrical magnetic separator is for roughing and is suitable for roughing of magnetite after stage one grinding or multi-stage grinding or the roughing when recycling the magnetite from the tailings after sorting of nonferrous metals. The selected particle size should be less than 4mm. CIBJ permanent cylindrical magnetic separator is for concentration, and is suitable for further concentration of coarse magnetite concentrate after grinding and classification and roughing. The selected particle size should be less than 2mm. CTBN permanent cylindrical magnetic separator is for thickening and is suitable for thickening and magnetic separation of magnetite before sending back to grinding mills after grinding, classification and sand returning, or the thickening and magnetic separation of magnetite concentrate before entering the filter press. The selected particle size should be less than 4mm

With strong adaptability to production, vanadium titano magnetite beneficiation equipment above can bear great fluctuation of feeding quantity of slurry and the fluctuation of feed size and slurry concentration.Magnetic separators of different series can be used together or singly to get excellent beneficiation target. Xinhai has been working on providing the most advanced and practical flow chat, high-efficiency energy-saving equipment and highly qualified to customers, trying his best to creating the largest profits for customers.

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