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Principles of Gold Ore Refining Equipment

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In vein gold deposit, there is some free gold in monomeric form with the bigger size. It is feasible both in technology and economy to separate this free gold by gravity separating method in advance in joint gold dressing process. In general, gravity separation is directly adopted to recycle this kind of gold. The gold ore refining equipment required is relatively simple, like chutes. However, for some gold ore with very small fineness, chemical dressing method like cyaniding and leaching is essential. And this method requires more gold ore refining equipment. From the view of the process, gold leaching is first conducted, which means leaching tank is needed, including single impeller leaching tank and double-impeller leaching tank. The gold ore flotation equipment with the single impeller also called axial flow leaching agitation tank, is designed and manufactured by China Central Engineering Institute for Nonferrous Metallurgical Industries. It works well under the following conditions, relatively bigger density, higher viscosity, fast settling velocity, more than 85% of -200 mess particles and gold leaching and absorption with less than 45% of slurry concentration.

When the impeller rotates clockwise, the blade immersing in the slurry will produce thrust, driving the slurry to flow into the blade along the top of circulating cylinder and then flow downward along the cylinder via the guide blade. When slurry flows through the circulating shell, it transverse flows and then flows upward along the circulating cylinder wall, forming a closed cycle. Such kind of gold ore flotation machine with single impeller leaching has the following advantages. First, it has good mixing performance with small energy consumption, big axial velocity, small radial velocity and intense drop plate strength. Second, located above the slurry sedimentation area, the impeller is easy to launch with small power. Third, with a simple structure of inflation device, it can inflate uniformly and achieve the full mixture of air and slurry. After leaching, absorption device like absorption tank is used to collect the gold. Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc is capable of providing all these gold ore refining equipment.

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