Cyclone Micro Bubble Flotation Column— Efficient Gold Dressing Equipment

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Gold mine can be roughly divided into gold placer and rock gold ore. Generally, in the sorting process requires the use of the certain crushing grinding process to make one of the minerals to monomer dissociation, and then re-election, flotation, cyanide leaching, an amalgamation of several processes such as technology or sorting. Conventional flotation gold dressing equipment can obtain the good effect for coarse grained materials, but the gold ore slime separating index is not so ideal. Here introduces a kind of fine grained gold ore dressing equipment.

Cyclone micro bubble flotation column is an efficient gold dressing equipment and particularly ideal for fine slime flotation. Micro bubble by the cycle of middlings was a great deal in their work with secondary injection inspiratory mineralization tube, then tangent injection at the bottom of the flotation column, light air bubbles gather to center and rotation. Feeding after mixing barrel dosing adjustment into the flotation column the first level jet suction mineralizing pipe for the first time sorting. The first fine concentrate fast float, not float concentrate continue to descend into reverse collision mineralization zone here reverse collision mineralization decreased concentrate with the slow rise of micro bubbles, here the mineralization pattern and flow have to coarse particle flotation. After twice separation of the middling circulating pump, in front of the pump for the second dosing of easy floating concentrate can be added, secondary jet suction mineralizing pipe, in the flowing through the pipeline, in the strong turbulent state, a long time and a lot of tiny bubbles fully mixed mineralization. There is a great deal of gas dissolved gas in the two injection pipe because of the great change of flow velocity and pressure. Therefore, it increases the selectivity of mineralization and the recovery rate of speed and sweep.

This ore dressing equipment has low energy consumption and stable flotation environment. It has good indicators in the flotation of fine grained gold slime and its use in some plant is being popularized.

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