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A Simple Introduction on the Magnetite Reverse Flotation Processing

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In theĀ flotation process, the flotation means the useful mineral blowing out with the foam, while the reverse flotation means that the useful mineral staying in the bottom of the flotation machine and the gangue mineral blowing out with the foam. In order to reduce the content of the silica and sulfur in the magnetite concentrate, the magnetite concentrate can be carried out the flotation separation to produce more magnetite concentrate suitable for blast furnace smelting and direct reduced iron. If adopting flotation process, the qualified concentrate can be obtained in the early stage of grinding so as to reduce the grinding capacity and the grinding power consumption.

The magnetic concentrate of a plant has 50% to 60% quartz, the fine quartz exists in the form of a single body and the quartz with large particle combines with the magnetite. Based on the above, Xinhai designed three flotation methods.

1.Using anionic collector for the iron mineral flotation in the acidic media.

2. Using anionic collector for the quartz flotation in the alkaline medium.

3.Using cationic collector for the gangue minerals.

By the experimental study of the early stage, the magnetite reverse flotation is adopted finally, for the effect of the cationic reverse flotation is better than anionic reverse flotation. The cationic collector in the magnetite reverse flotation process is Lilaflot collector. When the dosage of the Lilaflot collector increase to 30-50g/t, the iron grade of the iron concentrate is up to 69.90%, the silica 2.80%, which is suitable for a direct reduction of iron concentrate. The sulfur content of the concentrate is an important indicator for the concentrate quality after magnetite reverse flotation. If the sulfur exists in the form of iron pyrite and hexagonal magnetic pyrite, both will be discharged into the tailings when it is a wet magnetic separation in the weak magnetic field. The remaining sulfur mainly exists in the magnetic pyrite with strong magnetism.

To remove the Orpiment ore in the magnetite reverse flotation concentrate, Xinhai adopts unique flotation process, with the sodium butyl xanthate as the collector and the bluestone as magnetic pyrite activator to reduce the sulfur content to 0.13%-0.06%. Thus the removal rate of the sulfur is up to 80% to 74%.

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