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Xinhai Mining Won the Silver Award in Yantai Mayor Cup Industrial Design Competition

2022-11-14 XinHai Views (688)

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On November 11, the 2022 World Industrial Design Conference and the 4th Mayor Cup Industrial Design Competition of Yantai were held in Yantai City. The innovative equipment of "high lift abrasion-resistant and anti-corrosion fluid machine" designed and developed by Xinhai Material Technology Co., LTD., ,a subsidiary of Xinhai Mining, won the silver prize of Yantai Mayor Cup Industrial Design Competition!



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01Project Design Background

At present, in the pulp conveying industry in the world market, in order to increase the conveying elevation height, multiple single-machine pumps are required to operate in series, or a bulky two-stage alloy pump is used. However, it has poor wear resistance and corrosion resistance , and the pulp is easy to leak. Taking this as the design background, Xinhai Material Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a high-lift wear-resistant and anti-corrosion fluid machine for 2 years, and has continuously verified the effect and reliability of the equipment through small tests, pilot tests and large-scale tests. The equipment initially produced 65-type and put it on the market. After continuous modification and optimization, major improvements were made to the feeding box and sealing box, and 40, 100, 125 and other different specifications of high-lift wear-resistant and anti-corrosion process fluid machines were developed.

02Six main design highlights

01 Outstanding market leadership


Xinhai high lift anti-wear and anti-corrosion fluid machine is a special fluid machinery for the filter press feeding operation, and has obtained a number of technical patents. The research and development of high lift wear-resistant anti-corrosion fluid machine creates the working mode of high lift ore slurry transportation, which reduces the number of overflow parts replacement and greatly improves the productivity. For the filter press feeding and corrosion pulp operation, it has a very prominent leadership, leading the high lift transport pulp industry market.

02 Innovation composite model


The overflow parts of high lift wear-resistant anti-corrosive fluid machine adopts the innovative composite mode of carbon steel and wear-resistant rubber. From the design perspective of the superiority of the material itself, the strength of the equipment is borne by high quality carbon steel, and the wear-resistant part is solved by Xinhai proprietary "liquid phase formula, room temperature curing" wear-resistant rubber, realizing the technical characteristics of light weight, wear resistance and high corrosion resistance.

03 High lift and high efficiency


The fluid machine adopts a small impeller diameter and a small proportion (generally 0.97), which makes the lift and flow of the high lift wear-resistant anti-corrosion fluid machine increase by 10% -20% compared with other equipment, and the overall efficiency increases by more than 30%.

04. Energy-saving, eco-friendly and applicable widely

High lift wear-resistant anti-corrosion fluid machine fusion the design concept of energy saving, environmental protection, efficient. From the perspective of renewable resources, it is applied natural rubber lining, not only has wear-resistant effect, but also can reduce the pollution of heavy metals to the environment, to achieve the goal of sustainable development of human society. At the same time, due to the use of finite element analysis software for the scientific optimization of the fluid hydraulic model, plus the use of excellent wear-resistant light rubber, the high-lift wear-resistant anti-corrosion fluid machine saves more than 45% of electricity compared with similar equipment.

05 Ergonomic Design


The equipment has been optimized for the flow parts and other individual parts, which is easy for manual handling, and the change site is more rapid and convenient. Equipment connections are equipped with a buckle, simple installation, with good comfort and convenience. The front and rear pump cavity is connected through the fluid linear connection pipe, so the complex pump chamber is divided into two, and the identification and operation are simple. The whole high lift wear-resistant anti-corrosion fluid machine is coordinated to improve the user experience.

06 Aesthetic color collocation


When the appearance design of the fluid machine, Xinhai fully considers the user needs and aesthetic effect. The whole high lift wear-resistant anti-corrosion fluid machine color collocation is reasonable, to achieve the combination of science and technology and art, and coordinate with the use situation. The bottom frame design is black, not abrupt, and can be fully integrated into the surrounding working environment. The passing parts are red to remind the operator of safe operation safety from the perspective of safety operation.

03Machine application in project


Mongolia 3500tpd Iron Ore Mining Tailings Project


Pakistan 1500tpd Copper Concentrator Project


Tanzania 500tpd Gold Concentrator Project


Morocco 500tpd Silver Concentrator Project


Iran 300tpd Gold Concentrator Project


Indonesia 100tpd Gold Processing Plant Project

The innovative equipment of "high lift wear-resistant and anti-corrosion process fluid machine" won the silver prize of Yantai Mayor Cup Industrial Design Competition, which is the affirmation and encouragement for the long-term innovative development of Xinhai, and further highlights the innovative strength and brand influence of Xinhai. Xinhai has been engaged in mineral beneficiation equipment manufacturing for more than 20 years, always adhering to technological innovation and equipment quality. While providing customers with high-quality mining equipment, the technical achievements will be transformed into the actual manufacturing in the first time to improve the production efficiency of mineral processing. In the follow-up development process, Xinhai will also continue to improve its technical strength, promote the integrated development of industrial manufacturing and technological innovation, and help the mining industry to enter the stage of high-quality development.