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Xinhai 2022 Spring New Employees Orientation Training

2022-04-07 XinHai Views (729)

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In April, Xinhai welcomed the first batch of new employees in the spring of 2022. In order to help everyone systematically learn the company's management system, quickly integrate into the working environment and adapt to the job, Xinhai organized new employee training for more than 60 employees in batches on April 2nd under the premise of strictly complying with the epidemic prevention requirements.

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In order to increase the participation of new employees, the icebreaker started with self-introduction. New employees come from different colleges and universities. Some have worked hard in the workplace for several years and have accumulated rich work experience, while some have just graduated for a year or two and need further growth and experience in their work. After a brief self-introduction, the next formal training kicked off. 

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At the beginning of the training, Mr. Zhang Yunlong, chairman of the board, first introduced the development history of Xinhai and mineral processing EPC+M+O service. He focused on the five modernization strategies including market internationalization, marketing interconnection, manufacturing service, management modernization and development innovation, the planning and construction of intelligent manufacturing in the new plant and industry 4.0 with Xinhai characteristics, the planning and construction of industry-university-research and academic exchange centers based on test centers, mining experience centers, and exhibition centers. He encouraged new employees to develop their own value in different positions and work towards the same goal.

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Chairman Zhang Yunlong also raised expectations for every new employee. One is to have forward-looking goals, to make forward-looking plans in life and work, and not to be impetuous, not confused, or to follow the trend. The second is to focus on innovation, not to follow the old traditions, and life is infinitely valuable because of innovation. The third is to have subjective initiative, have ideas, have ideas, and have the courage to take responsibility. The fourth is to love and dedicate to work, improve work efficiency, treat work as a career, and do it to achieve results and brilliant achievements. The fifth is to have positive energy, strengthen learning, and continuously improve business capabilities.

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In the following time, the person in charge of the relevant department introduced the business process, rules and regulations, expense reimbursement, use of office software, safety precautions and so on. Focusing on the actual work scenarios and problems, help new employees familiarize themselves with the working environment as soon as possible and devote themselves to the working state.

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During the training, Xinhai also set up a game session, which integrated the company's vision, employment concept, competitive advantage and market concept, so that the new employees can get acquainted with each other, enhance each other's sense of teamwork, and let everyone participate in the activity.

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After the training, the human resources department led the new employees to visit the various functional departments of the company, which deepened everyone's understanding of each business module, and laid a foundation for the next step of communication and exchanges between various departments. The rich and substantial training is coming to an end, and everyone's journey in Xinhai has just begun. At present, Xinhai is in an important stage of development. Hope everyone can seize the opportunity and show their talents in the unprecedented grand strategy and grand pattern planning of Xinhai. Wish all the new employees can meet all kinds of challenges in the future work with a good outlook, constantly improve their skills, hone their quality, and live up to their youth!