Keep Production Safety Red Line in Case of Danger | Xinhai Mining Carried out Safety Production Training.

2019-11-08 XinHai Views (1503)

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On November 6-7th, Xinhai Mining carried out safety production training for all staff, to put the requirement “Big Study, Big Training, Big Exam” special action implementation plan of State Administration of Work Safety in practice, to strengthen the consciousness of safety production, and in case of safety accident.

This training was the topic patrol mainly about dangerous production. It analyzed and explained the safety requirement of dangerous productions and attentions systematically from basic knowledge of enterprise security management, production safety related laws, regulations and standards, safety technical specifications for all dangerous operations. The training contents were explaining profound theories in simple language, and easy to understand, which increased the redline consciousness, duty consciousness, and precaution consciousness of all stuff in Xinhai Mining.

Xinhai Mining Carried out Safety Production Training.

During this training, the safety and environmental production division explained many dangerous operations in details about limited space operation, fire operation, high-place operation, temporary power operation, lifting operation, building operation open circuit operation and pumping blind plate operation. They explained the importance of safety production, duty carried-out, specific methods, emergency lighting about what the dangerous operation were, what we should paid attention to, and how we should do. It explains the importance of constantly paying attention to production safety, warning and preventing from the future and reveals the true meaning of "keep safety in mind and happiness at home". Among them, "fluke mentality can not have", "in times of peace, thinking is prepared, prepared," and other profound discussions, but also left a deep impression on employees. They benefited a lot.

Xinhai Mining Carried out Safety Production Training.

In this training, there were rich contents, distinctive nuance and clear analysis. Both theoretical height, and the depth of practice, especially a real case and lessons, to all employees sounded the alarm. Through this training, all the stuffs of Xinhai Mining had deeper impressions on safety production, also have a deeper understanding of the practical ability and management level of production safety. It has very strong practical significance and guiding significance.

Xinhai Mining Carried out Safety Production Training.

In the future, Xinhai Mining will keep safety production on the first place. We will further deepen the awareness of work safety, the awareness of red lines and the awareness of responsibility, fully mobilize the initiative of all personnel in preventing accidents, and effectively implement the responsibility system for production safety, effectively implement the responsibility system of production safety, work safety special work to do detailed, do deep, with a better attitude to serve every customer and every Mineral Processing EPC+M+O project!