Salute to Xinhai People Who Are on the Front Line of Mineral Processing Project

2019-09-20 XinHai Views (1009)

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Recently, a group of Xinhai people is on the first line of foreign mineral processing projects.

In Mongolia, they had finished all the installation and debugging work. In Pakistan, they had put into the intense and orderly commissioning; In South Africa, they had guided the mineral processing equipment installation in person. In Nigeria, they had grasped the golden period of installation and debugging, tried their best to push the construction of mineral processing project forward. In Laos, they worked overtime to ensure the mineral processing plant put into production as soon as possible. It is such a group of lovely Xinhai people that they had interpreted Xinhai's service concept with practical action.

Mongolia a gold mineral processing project

Xinhai installation and debugging personnel had completed the installation and debugging with quality and quantity,

The process debugging index was passed at one time.

The acceptance rate of the project was 100%.

Handed in a satisfactory answer for the customer,

Also won the wide recognition from Mongolian mining market.

It is this one after another ordinary Xinhai people,

They paved the road of "going out",

written a new chapter in the mining development under the "One Belt And One Road" Initiative.


Pakistan a copper mineral processing project

Equipment installation of the project had been completed perfectly,

However, Xinhai process debugging staff were,

Still on the front line of the mineral processing plant,

Put into the process debugging of the mineral processing plant,

Strived to make every technological achievement,

Effectively be translated into productivity and economic benefits,

Built another friendship monument for the Chinese and Pakistani people!


South Africa a copper slag mineral processing project

South Africa had a six-hour time difference from China,

At the site of a copper slag concentrator project in South Africa,

Xinhai installation and debugging personnel still stuck to the first line of the project,

Personally instructed the equipment installation of each production line, the location of each spare part,

not the perfunctory.

The realization of each mineral processing index

Can't live without their technical guidance and detailed control.


Nigeria a copper mineral processing project

The site of Nigeria a copper mineral processing project was still busy,

Xinhai installation and debugging personnel never slacken their effort,

Shouldered the responsibility of "the last kilometer" of mineral processing project,

Grasped the golden period of project construction,

For achieving early production of the mineral processing project.


Laos a gold and copper mineral processing project

The equipment installation of Laos a gold and copper mineral processing project was almost finished.

Xinhai installation and debugging personnel worked overtime and promoted the project execution,

For realizing the handover of the mineral processing project as soon as possible.

And they said,

It was more meaningful to work for the goal of the project construction with partners!


Across the ocean,

They chose to stick quietly,

Ordinary post, extraordinary persistence,

They practiced the service concept of "What you need is what we can do",

And adhered to the original intention that serves the customer.

At this point,

Send best wishes

To every Xinhai people who struggle in the foreign countries.

Xinhai will always be your solid backing,

Let's ride the wind and build Xinhai dream together!