Xinhai Mining: Co-construct "One Belt And One Road" And Contribute to Build a Community of Shared Future for the Global Mining

Xinhai Mining: Co-construct "One Belt And One Road" And Contribute to Build a Community of Shared Future for the Global Mining

2019-09-12 XinHai Views (1511)

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Since the implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" Initiative, the bilateral and multilateral regional economic cooperation between China and other parties has achieved new results, and also provided the major opportunities for mining cooperation and development. As the positive responder of "One Belt And One Road" Initiative, Xinhai Mining has adhered to the "market internationalization" development strategy for more than six years, analyzed the mining development situation of countries along "One Belt And One Road", then put forward Xinhai solution in a targeted manner - customized "mineral processing EPC+M+O service". Xinhai Mining not only brought the professional mineral processing technology, mineral processing equipment and perfect mineral processing EPC+M+O service, but also continuously strengthened the mining cooperation and deepened its development pattern of "going out".

Up to now, Xinhai Mining has achieved the gratifying results, successively opened multiple overseas offices in a number of countries along "One Belt And One Road", and its business scope has reached more than 90 countries and regions, covering Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.

One. Seek Truth from Facts, Solve the Problems

Most of the countries along the "One Belt And One Road" are located in the world's important mineral belts with superior metallogenic conditions, complete types of mineral resources, low development level and great potential. In particular, gold, copper, lead, zinc, chromium iron and other mineral resources have obvious advantages, so these countries has highly complementary cooperation with China. But due to the restrictions of various conditions, there are still many difficulties in mining development:


(Map of countries along the "One Belt And One Road")

1. The ores of these countries have complex composition, which has high requirements foe mineral processing technology. But most of the countries along the "One Belt And One Road" are developing countries with low mining development level, so their existing mineral processing technology and equipment are far from meeting the requirements of modern production development.

2. Most of the countries along the "One Belt And One Road" have inadequate infrastructure and scanty water, electricity resources, making it difficult to meet the normal operation of the mineral processing plant. Take the central Asia as an example, most of them are deserts and lack of water resources.

The existing mineral processing plants in the countries along the "One Belt And One Road" has caused serious environmental pollution and violated the principles of green and sustainable development. Take the southeast Asian region for example, uncontrolled commercial development and rapid industrialization make all kinds of pollution increasingly aggravate.


(Client consulted mineral processing EPC+M+O service in the exhibition)

Against the unique mining investment problem of the countries along the "One Belt And One Road", Xinhai Mining constantly kept innovation and development, combined with the rich mineral processing experience, and launched the customized "mineral processing EPC+M+O service", namely the concentrator of "design and research - complete equipment manufacturing and purchasing - debugging and delivery - mine management - mining operation", which is tailored according to the actual situation of concentrator. Except for the mineral processing technology and equipment, Xinhai Mining also achieve the customer requirements to the budget and mineral processing index, effectively control the overall project schedule, cost and quality, and guarante the investor's investment benefit. With the help of the "One Belt And One Road" Initiative, Xinhai Mining adhered to the principle of openness and cooperation, focused on strengthening the mining cooperation and benefit the mines at home and abroad.

Two. The journey of a Thousand Miles

In 2013, in order to better serve the domestic and overseas mining market, Xinhai Mining further optimized the internal structure, and took the corresponding reform based on the local customer demand, which provided the guarantee for Xinhai Mining's brand creation on "One Belt And One Road", and achieved the remarkable results.

1. Establish overseas e-commerce center


(Xinhai Mining – official Facebook page)

Facing the problems of inadequate experience and low visibility in overseas markets, Xinhai Mining implemented the strategy of "Internet +", set up overseas e-commerce center, and actively expanded the overseas market with a variety of network platform and marketing methods to gradually improve the marketing accuracy and transformation efficiency. Through the analysis of millions of scale of customer data, Xinhai Mining explored the new market space and profit pattern, made "mineral processing EPC+M+O service" go abroad, and benefited the mines around the world.

2. Set up the overseas sales center and overseas office


(Xinhai overseas office staff and local people)

Xinhai Mining overseas sales team work with mineral processing technology team together to provide the customized mineral processing EPC+M+O service for overseas customers, and effectively solve customer problems. At the same time, Xinhai Mining overseas office staff communicated with overseas customers face-to-face, deeply investigated the mineral processing market of local and surrounding countries. Besides, Xinhai Mining adhered to the strategy of "localization of quick service" based on the needs of local customers, and solved the difficulties for every customer quickly, so as to effectively improve the international brand image of Xinhai Mining.

3. Founded the special Project operation management department


(Xinhai Mining – Morocco 500tpd silver ore processing project)

Xinhai Mining specially founded the project operation management department, and arranged the one-to-one project manager for each project, who can provide the professional management services, strictly control the project progress, and timely solve the project problems, collect customer feedback and provide the better development direction for equipment research and development.

Three. Fruitful Achievement of Mineral Processing Projects All Over the World

Just as the saying goes, hard work pays off. With the advantage of the "One Belt And One Road" Initiative, Xinhai Mining, who taken the lead in the marketing international distribution, embraced the broad development opportunities, and its global strategic layout and mode exploration were also accelerating.


(Distribution map of Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O projects)

Up to now, Xinhai Mining has successfully completed more than 500 mineral processing EPC+M+O projects, and served more than 2000 mines all over the countries along the "One Belt And One Road", who has always been committed to providing customized, one-stop " mineral processing EPC+M+O service" for the majority of mine owners.

● In 2013, Xinhai Mining started to enter the mining development market in Latin America, and successively undertook a number of mineral processing EPC+M+O projects in Peru. Since then, Xinhai Mining had forged an indissoluble bond with Latin America.


● In February 2015, Xinhai Mining mineral processing EPC+M+O service entered into African mining industry, and completed a number of mineral processing EPC+M+O projects successively.


● In February 2016, Vietnam 800tpd graphite ore dressing project undertaken by Xinhai Mining was put into production smoothly.


● In July 2017, Xinhai Mining provided the mineral processing EPC+M+O service for Mexico 1500tpd copper, lead, zinc, gold and silver polymetal dressing project. Once the project was put into production, it was highly concerned by the Mexican government, media and mining industry. This project successfully opened the way of cooperation between Xinhai Mining and Mexican mining industry, leading the development of Mexican mining industry to a new height.


● In January 2018, Xinhai Mining installation and debugging team completed the installation and debugging work of Indonesia a gold ore processing project, and then the project was put into the normal production.


● In March 2018, Xinhai Mining went deep into the mineral processing market of Pacific island countries, and successively completed several mineral processing EPC+M+O projects and mineral processing experiment studies, which also opened a new era of cooperation between Xinhai Mining and Pacific island countries.


● In May 2018, Xinhai Mining joined hands with CNMC to develop the Malaysian mining market.


● In October 2018, Xinhai Mining helped the Sino-Uganda global industrial park on production capacity cooperation put into production smoothly.


● In December 2018, Xinhai Mining sponsored the China-Tanzania Belt And Road Mining Investment Forum 2018, built a new future of China-Tanzania mining cooperation.


● In March 2019, Xinhai Mining participated in the World's Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention (PDAC 2019), shared many years of experience in mineral processing, and discussed the major plans of global mining development.


● In April 2019, Xinhai Mining appeared at the Marrakech Mining Convention 2019, and successfully reached strategic cooperation agreements with several customers.


Today, Xinhai Mining adhered its "go out" overseas strategy more firmly, unswervingly contributed to the mining development of "One Belt And One Road" and even the global mining.

Four. Look to the Future

With the promotion of "One Belt And One Road" Initiative, Xinhai Mining has made its contribution to the development of mining cooperation in the countries along the "One Belt And One Road" Initiative, but there are still some unprecedented opportunities and challenges in the future. Next, Xinhai Mining will continue to perfect the development model of "manufacturing + Internet", actively response to the national "going out" policy, vigorously develop the overseas market and consolidate the domestic market, implement the "deep integration of industrialization and information", carry out the transformation of "manufacturing industry servicizing" strategy, adhere to the road of development innovation, and achieve the "Xinhai Dream" step by step.


We know that although we have achieved a lot, there are still one and another mountain to climb. We will continue to adhere to comprehensively deepening reform, promote Xinhai solution, spread the correct concept and method of mine construction, focus on providing customized mineral processing EPC+M+O service for the global mines, and build a community of shared future for the global mining, push forward the development of "One Belt And One Road" along the direction of high quality.